Venezuelan Leader Puts Militias on Patrol Ahead of Protests

CARACAS – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is beefing up patrols by civilian militias throughout the nation as political rivals name for mass demonstrations towards him.

Maduro in a nationwide broadcast Tuesday ordered the nation’s 3.2 million militia members to patrol Venezuela’s streets. He gave the command seated between the nation’s top-ranking army leaders.

The heightened patrols overlap with a Saturday protest referred to as by opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido, who has led an almost year-long marketing campaign to oust Maduro with backing from the U.S. and 50 different nations.

Guaido has not managed to rally massive demonstrations in latest months.

Nonetheless, a wave of political unrest has struck a number of Latin American nations, and Bolivian socialist chief Evo Morales abruptly resigned Sunday.

Maduro says the identical “imperialist” forces that undermined Bolivia’s president search to oust him.



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