Are there no replays in FA Cup? What happens if matches end in a draw in 2021-2022

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Replays are an FA Cup tradition. A knockout lucifer ends successful a gully aft 90 minutes? Then the visiting squad conscionable earned a close to big a rematch astatine a aboriginal date.

COVID-19 is putting that contented connected hold, astatine slightest for a mates of rounds successful 2021-2022. 

With the COVID-19 omicron variant causing fixture chaos crossed England, forcing postponements and leaving clubs to acceptable much games into a shorter model of time, the English Football Association, which runs the FA Cup, has decided to scrap replays opening successful the Third Round to support from further straining the schedule.

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What happens if FA Cup matches decorativeness successful a draw?

The English Football Association (FA) announced successful precocious December 2021 that 3rd and 4th Round replays would beryllium scrapped for this year's competition, to debar further strain connected the English schedule. 

Instead, other clip and a penalty-kick shootout (if necessary) will beryllium utilized to find a winner in those rounds, giving a decided vantage to the club that was drawn to big the knockout match.

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There person already been 13 replays successful the first and second rounds of the contention involving lower-tier clubs. But with the FA's decision, determination volition beryllium nary replays for the remainder of the tourney since the 5th circular (Round of 16, March 2), quarterfinals (March 19-20), the semifinals (April 23-24) and last (May 14) person been replay-free for the past respective years.

Replays for the semfinal signifier were nixed opening successful 1999-2000, and since the 2007-2008 play the semis have been played connected consecutive play days astatine London's Wembley Stadium. In 2016-2017 quarterfinal replays were besides done distant with and 1 twelvemonth later, the 5th circular replays were axed.

The FA announcement made it wide that replays volition beryllium backmost for the 2022-2023 contention from the archetypal circular done the 4th round, though any lingering impact of COVID-19 could evidently springiness emergence to considering a akin determination down the road.

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"This exceptional determination was approved by the FA Board connected Friday 17 December and has been taken successful the wider involvement of English shot to alleviate the anticipation of fixture congestion pursuing respective postponements successful caller days and continued uncertainty up owed to COVID-19," the connection by the FA read.

A full of 17 Premier League matches person already been postponed, while galore others passim the apical 4 tiers of English shot person been pushed. The EFL Cup (Carabao Cup) has besides been affected, with the Liverpool-Arsenal bid rescheduled. Every crippled acceptable speech for COVID-19 issues leaves different lucifer needed to beryllium acceptable successful aboriginal successful the calendar, leaving authorities acrophobic astir the magnitude of games acceptable to beryllium shoved unneurotic implicit a abbreviated play of time.

What is an FA Cup replay?

Unique to the FA Cup is the conception of a replay.

In astir knockout tournaments astir the world, a victor is required to beryllium determined aft each game, arsenic 1 squad indispensable beryllium eliminated and 1 squad indispensable advance. Extra clip and, if necessary, a penalty-kick shootout are typically utilized to interruption ties aft 90 minutes though, immoderate tournaments astir the satellite spell consecutive to punishment kicks.

In the FA Cup things are historically done a small differently. In the lawsuit of a gully aft 90 minutes successful Round 1 done Round 4, the crippled is ended and a replay is scheduled astatine the visiting team's location stadium for a aboriginal date, erstwhile the 2 teams volition play different 90 minutes. If that lucifer besides ends successful a draw, lone past are other clip and penalties utiilzed.

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The concept, successful beingness since the competition's inception successful 1871, was initially successful effect for each rounds, including the final. As precocious arsenic the 1990s, determination were nary punishment shooutouts astatine each successful the competition, meaning teams would play arsenic galore replays arsenic needed to find a winner. The past replayed FA Cup last took spot successful 1993. 

After scrapping replays for the semifinals successful 1999-2000, the contention organizers aboriginal besides did it for the quarterfinals opening successful 2016-17 and then for the 5th round (Round of 16) successful 2018, citing fixture congestion. That lone leaves replays successful lawsuit of ties from the 1st Round done the 4th Round. These replays perchance represent a boon for little tier clubs which could payment financially from playing a 2nd crippled against top-shelf opposition.

Premier League clubs participate the contention successful the 3rd Round, truthful determination are normally only two rounds successful which Premier League clubs tin theoretically beryllium forced into a replay (Round 3-4) though that won't beryllium the lawsuit successful 2021-22 fixed the FA's decision.

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