Camilla shares Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘conservative’ taste in shoes – claim

Camilla is the most senior female member of the Royal Family as Queen Consort alongside King Charles.

As a result, the 75-year-old is bound by a range of style rules that form royal protocol, and this includes her choice of footwear.

But while exposed toes and certain heel heights may be off-limits, Camilla keeps her options even more exclusive by avoiding court heels.

The popular style is loved by stylish royals like Princess Kate, Duchess Sophie, Zara Tindall, and even Princess Anne on occasion, but they don’t feature in the Queen Consort’s wardrobe.

Instead, she opts for lower heels and round-toe pumps which, according to style experts, is reflective of Queen Elizabeth II’s “conservative” taste.

Speaking exclusively to, personal stylist Melissa Lund said: “I’ve often thought that Camilla’s shoes spoil her look. They usually feature round toes and the heels are not that high.

“It may be that she likes this style, but personally, I think it’s more a question of what’s comfortable for her.

“Royal duties aren’t easy as she’s often standing up for long periods of time – tough for any of us, but undoubtedly harder as you get older.

“Camilla appears to favour a brand called Sole Bliss. These shoes are a wide fit and they are promoted as being ideal for bunions.”

Despite her royal status, even the Queen Consort is not shielded from the everyday side effects of wearing heels.

Melissa continued: “Women with wider feet can find it difficult to wear shoes with a pointed toe but it will depend on a few variables: if you have a wide foot but short toes, you may be ok but if you have a wide foot and long toes, a pointed shoe (of whatever height) may not be your best friend.”

Susie Nelson, founder of Modes & More Vintage agreed that Camilla clearly favours comfort over style in her choice of almond-toe footwear.

However, she claimed that the royal makes good choices “to be both comfortable and elegant.”

One of the Queen Consort’s go-to pair of pumps is the “Gladys” design by Eliot Zed. The suede pumps come in a range of colours, of which Camilla owns at least two pairs in beige and navy blue.

The £275 style features chunky, low heels and cleated soles for maximum comfort without compromising on the overall look of her outfits.

Susie continued: “I think comfort is the first priority for footwear among working royals. There is a lot of standing around.

“They all have different feet, so different designs will work for them. The late Queen was very conservative in her choice of footwear, wearing low heels by Anello & Davide that were worn in for her by her personal assistant Angela Kelly.”

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