Dick Vermeil Thinks Antonio Brown's Done In NFL, 'Can't Believe' He'd Get A Shot

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Ex-NFL Coach Dick Vermeil Antonio Brown's Done In NFL ... 'Can't Believe' He'd Get Another Shot

1/8/2022 12:30 AM PT


Antonio Brown's NFL vocation is implicit -- astatine least, that's what legendary NFL manager Dick Vermeil thinks ... telling TMZ Sports helium can't spot different squad giving him a changeable aft his wild, shirtless exit from the Buccaneers.

"I can't judge idiosyncratic would," Dick tells us. "A antheral demonstrates what helium is by what helium does and helium answered everybody's valuation questions erstwhile we saw him doing that stuff."

Here is the video from #Bucs WR Antonio Brown... leaving the tract and saying goodbye. pic.twitter.com/EaR0jRqcs3

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 2, 2022 @RapSheet

Of course, Vermeil is referring to AB taking his pads and jersey off and heading to the locker country -- successful the mediate of Sunday's crippled against the Jets -- aft a disagreement with manager Bruce Arians.

"I person ne'er successful my 30-something years of coaching from precocious school, inferior college, Division I and the NFL -- I person ne'er seen thing similar that," helium added.

Vermeil -- who coached the Eagles, Rams, and Chiefs -- gives Tampa Bay recognition for trying to assistance AB get his vocation backmost connected way by signing him past play ... but says the arguable prima was ne'er going to alteration his ways.

"I deliberation sometimes adjacent though you're trying to bash the close happening that you bring your ain problems," Vermeil said.

"You make your ain problems by bringing radical that person been a problem," helium continued, "What makes you deliberation that you're gonna alteration 'em?"

Vermeil says helium ne'er would person fixed AB a changeable to statesman with ... saying, "I effort to enactment distant with players that had problems due to the fact that you person capable problems with players who don't person problems."

"To bring idiosyncratic successful with a illustration similar helium has, you lone asking for problems."

Vermeil says helium respects Tom Brady for trying to assistance AB ... but ultimately, "you can't prevention 'em all!"

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