Drug-dealing 82-year-old man gets unusual warning after 25 arrests

An 82-year-old German man received his “last warning” from the courts, which said he would face jail time if he received a 26th drug-dealing conviction.

The man, who was not identified, told the court that he was hoping to earn more money than his 800-euro ($855) retirement pension he earned as a seaman by selling marijuana, according to a report from The Associated Press.


Elderly German man in court for drug dealing

The 82-year-old defendant, right, is shown in Aurich Regional Court in Germany. (Lars Penning/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Prosecutors had reportedly asked that the man, who had received 24 prior convictions for dealing drugs, be sentenced to 34 months in prison. However, the court, located in the northern town of Aurich, opted not to send the man to jail in light of his health issues and the selling of marijuana being seen as a lesser offense than his previous convictions.

Instead, the judge told the man that he was being given his “very last warning” to avoid jail time.

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