Watchmen: Think You Know Why Lady Trieu Buys a Comet? Think Again

Watchmen’s fourth episode has launched the character of Lady Trieu, and it is clear from her very first scene that she’s a girl with a plan and a comet. In an obvious homage to Superman’s origin story, the episode opens with the Clarks, a childless couple residing in a quiet farm. Their life appears comparatively pleased, if uneventful, till Lady Trieu knocks on their door and declares her intention of shopping for their dwelling. She’s so decided to get the farm, she affords them a child that she’s made with their very own DNA.

The Clarks barely have the time to grasp this when every thing begins to shake. After signing the papers to promote the farm, they rush out of the home. A blue comet crosses the sky and lands on the propriety. Smiling, Trieu declares the comet to be hers.

However why does Trieu need this comet so badly?

To date, the mysterious trillionaire is linked to 2 issues: time and Dr. Manhattan. She’s constructing a large “clock” close to Tulsa, is aware of precisely how lengthy she has to shut the cope with the Clarks till the comet falls, and in addition occurs to be the proprietor of the cubicles that join individuals to Dr. Manhattan.

We additionally know on this different world, people have the expertise to observe a reside feed of Mars. This implies not solely Trieu can simply monitor house and predict the comet’s touchdown, however maybe she will be able to additionally talk instantly with Dr. Manhattan. And, as comedian readers know, the final time we see Manhattan, he tells Adrian Veidt he is planning on creating human life someplace within the galaxy. It is doable Trieu shares his objective, and the comet is bringing a new lifeform that Manhattan has created. Is she planning a recent begin for the human race? And if that’s the case, is that why she’s constructed a mega-bunker able to withstanding all method of world-ending catastrophes?

One other idea includes fairly a little bit of flash-forwarding, however since we’re speaking about one of many creators of Misplaced, perhaps it is not that farfetched. This episode makes clear that Veidt’s timeline is separate from the remainder of the present: every episode seems to be equal to at least one 12 months of his imprisonment. So, for him, 4 years have handed for the reason that premiere, whereas Angela’s and Laurie’s timeline has lasted solely a few days.

Veidt’s objective is to flee his jail. What if he has already escaped in the beginning of this episode? Followers have lengthy speculated he’s imprisoned by Manhattan on Mars, and if that is the case, the comet may’ve been his means out. We’d’ve been taking a look at Veidt’s previous all this time, and as soon as his timeline catches up with the remainder of the characters, it is going to be revealed Trieu grabbed him. In spite of everything, she owns his firm, why not personal the person himself?


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