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One in every of the most mysterious elements of The Mandalorian is the title character himself. We will hear his voice, however we by no means see his face. Will the Mandalorian ever take away his helmet and present us his face? That continues to be to be seen, however proper now, it looks like his everlasting helmet-wearing is being portrayed as a key a part of his character.

In the first episode, the Mandalorian’s first bounty asks him a few rumor that is permeated the galaxy: that Mandalorian bounty hunters by no means take off their helmets. Our helmeted hero seems to offer a solution confirming that rumor he actually by no means takes off his helmet or provides any indication of wanting to take action now or in the close to future.

All that being mentioned, it’s already established in the Star Wars universe that some Mandalorians do, in truth, take off their helmets generally. The animated sequence Star Wars Rebels featured a number of Mandalorian characters, most of who eliminated their helmets commonly besides throughout battle scenes. The sequence even had a Mandalorian character, Sabine Wren, as a significant character. Though Star Wars Rebels takes place principally in the period earlier than A New Hope, and The Mandalorian takes place after Return of the Jedi, it does appear to determine that it isn’t really Mandalorian customized to by no means take away one’s helmet.

So what modified? In response to the official Star Wars website, the planet of Mandalore goes via a whole lot of violent upheaval in the interval main as much as the authentic Star Wars trilogy. Might this helmet custom have developed then in some way?

“The armor-clad warriors fought for their planet as civil war erupted once again, this time against Clan Saxon and the might of the Empire . . . [Eventually] Mandalore was united under one leader once again. But the conflict was only beginning. The full power of the Empire would be unleashed against the planet in the Galactic Civil War.”

Additionally of word: Mandalorian helmets historically present clan affiliations, one thing which, it appears, our Mandalorian lacks. Might there be a connection between this symbolism and our protagonist’s obvious refusal to take away his helmet? Or is there another secret he is hiding? For now, it would not appear to be we’ll be getting solutions anytime quickly.

In the case you’re curious, this is what actor Pedro Pascal seems like underneath that {hardware}:

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 13: Pedro Pascal attends the premiere of Disney+'s
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