AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON,  Scarlett Johansson, 2015. ph: Jay Maidment/Walt Disney Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

In contrast to another particulars about the upcoming Black Widow, we truly do know what the Purple Room is! The Purple Room is an important a part of Natasha Romanoff’s backstory as the website of a lot of her coaching as a spy and murderer in her youth in Russia. Whereas we wait to be taught extra about the creepy, terrifying “school” in the new film, let’s evaluate what we all know to this point.

We be taught so much about the Purple Room academy in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the place we see a number of of Natasha’s flashbacks to her time in the facility. The aim of the academy is to brainwash and practice ladies to change into lethal Soviet assassins, often ranging from a really younger age. Natasha’s flashbacks present how the ladies have been skilled throughout her time there. It contains obligatory movies of American motion pictures to show them English however they’re additionally embedded with subliminal brainwashing messaging, hand-to-hand fight, pressured fight to the dying, ballet classes, and compelled sterilization surgical procedure. The way forward for the program in the current day of the Marvel universe is unknown; though the Soviet Union, clearly, not exists, Russia does, and related applications, corresponding to HYDRA’s Winter Soldier program, remained in post-Soviet Russia as lately as Captain America: Civil Battle.

To this point, we have met two graduates of the Purple Room: one a hero, one a villain. Essentially the most notable, in fact, is Natasha herself, who takes on the code identify of Black Widow when she defects to SHIELD after Clint Barton spares her life. The opposite onscreen “Black Widow” we have seen goes by the identify of Dottie Underwood and was a recurring villain on Agent Carter, the place she got here up towards Peggy Carter and her allies after World Battle II. Dottie’s expertise in the Purple Room revealed a few of the info Natasha’s flashbacks hadn’t, corresponding to the pressured sparring that ended with the winner having to kill the loser.

Black Widow is about to disclose extra about the Purple Room and the assassins skilled there. Two extra of Natasha’s fellow graduates, Yelena Belova (performed by Florence Pugh) and five-time graduate Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz), are set to play main roles in the new story, which brings Natasha and her “sisters” again to Russia to cope with some type of unfinished enterprise. We suspect we’ll be taught much more about the darkish academy that influenced who all of them grew to become!



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