All week, Halsey has been teasing the discharge of two new songs, and group, they’ve landed. Within the early hours of Friday morning, “Finally // beautiful stranger” and “Suga’s Interlude” arrived in our lives, and we’ll have these calming tunes caught in our heads all day.

Her two-minute music “Suga’s Interlude”, which options BTS’s Suga, is straight from the guts. Halsey’s soulful voice combined with Suga’s melodic, Korean rap verses makes for a catchy, calming music that speaks of the difficulties that include reaching all your goals. “I’ve been trying all my life / To separate the time / In between the having it all / And giving it up, yeah,” Halsey sings. In the meantime, per a fan’s translation, Suga raps “I was full of dreams / then I grew and made all of it come true / Yet keeping dreams as dreams would be better.”

BTS fans were quick to point out the similarities between Suga’s phrases in “Suga’s Interlude” and BTS’s 2014 music “Tomorrow.” The lyrics in “Tomorrow” say, “Because the dawn right before the sunrise is the darkest, you, in the future, never forget yourself of now.” Within the new music, Suga says, “The dawn before the sun rises is darker than anything, but never forget the stars you hope for only rise in the darkness.”

Halsey’s second music of the day, “Finally // beautiful stranger”, places her entrance and heart. We refuse to select which music we love extra, so we can’t, and counsel you simply hear to them each on loop all day. Each songs might be featured on Halsey’s upcoming album, MANIC, which is due for launch on Jan. 17, 2020.



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