Have You Recently Rewatched Twilight? Because Wow, I Have Some Thoughts

The Twilight Saga renaissance is totally upon us. When Twilight got here out (11 years in the past!) I hadn’t heard of it, however my buddy introduced me to see it in theaters, and 13-year-old me was SOLD. I was devoutly Staff Edward, and was completely satisfied that Robert Pattinson could be my husband sometime. Sure, I was embarrassingly obsessive about Twilight to the purpose the place it was cringey at instances. Nonetheless, I occur to nonetheless genuinely take pleasure in watching the movie. It has been a pair years since I’ve final seen it, so I thought it will be enjoyable to revisit a movie I used to observe religiously. With out additional ado, please take pleasure in this listing of my ideas and questions as I rewatch Twilight:

  1. I forgot how (actually) blue this film is.
  2. I additionally forgot how dangerous Jacob’s wig is.
  3. I’m fairly certain Bella’s pleasure over getting a shitty previous truck is probably the most emotion she reveals in your complete film.
  4. Anna Kendrick is on this! Wow!
  5. I like how all of those dudes are instantly going after Bella and she or he’s spoken like . . . four phrases to them.
  6. The Cullens strolling into the cafeteria is, palms down, probably the most Iconic scene in cinematic historical past.
  7. LMAO Edward’s response to Bella strolling into Biology class. Delicate!
  8. The best way Edward is taking a look at Bella is genuinely disturbing I am screaming.
  9. “I’ll just . . . have to ENDURE it.” Edward is so dramatic.
  10. OK, Bella is so dramatic too . . . a match made in heaven.
  11. Why is Emmett like hanging out of the highest of the Jeep? Who casually rides in a automobile to highschool like that?
  12. I’d forgotten in regards to the scene the place they present somebody getting killed by three mysterious figures. The vampire drama begins.
  13. Oh, lastly a civil interplay between Edward and Bella!
  14. Edward’s brows are IMMACULATELY groomed.
  15. “It’s complicated.” “I’m sure I can keep up.” Perhaps she simply would not need to speak to you about her private life, Edward. Boundaries are essential.
  16. I love Kristen Stewart as a lot as the following individual however why is she so rattling fidgety on this film?
  17. “It’s the fluorescence . . . uh . . . ” Truthfully Edward is my hero.
  19. I know that Bella questions the logistics of this complete state of affairs however how did nobody see Edward run at vampire-speed to cease the van?
  20. Carlisle Cullen: an icon, a visionary defend him in any respect prices.
  21. What are Rosalie, Carlisle, and Edward whispering about? God, I love the drama.
  22. Edward is straight up gaslighting Bella and I am not OK with it. That is emotional abuse, individuals!
  23. Bella waking as much as Edward standing in her room . . . I as soon as discovered this romantic, however I now notice it is creepy as hell.
  24. Edward creepily asking Bella, “What’s in Jacksonville?” when he is throughout the parking zone when she’s speaking about that? Once more, Edward is killing the subtlety recreation.
  25. After which he instantly will get offended at her when she journeys. Can he loosen up?
  26. I love how they threw in Edward catching the apple to recreate the quilt. So meta!
  27. “What if I’m not the superhero here . . . what if I’m . . . the BAD GUY.” Absolutely the D R A M A.
  28. I completely forgot how Jacob tells Bella the story in regards to the Quileutes on this film! Neither he nor Bella are conscious that the legend is, effectively, true. “It’s just a story, Bella.” Nope, it is not!
  29. Uh-oh, another person is getting attacked by the three thriller figures. Besides now we’re lastly seeing who they’re!
  30. Ugh, Bella getting cornered in an alley by these creeps. Terrible.
  32. Edward’s driving on this scene is me pulling into the McDonald’s drive-thru at 10:28 a.m. earlier than they’d all-day breakfast.
  33. I know that Edward is the hero on this scene, however the man was simply casually following Bella round? It is simply as creepy!
  34. I used to swoon over this restaurant scene a lot. Bella lastly learns that Edward can learn minds, however not hers. “Money, sex, money, sex . . . cat.” (The individual eager about cats was truly a private cameo by me.)
  35. I used to suppose the pacing of this film was perfection however now I notice they’ve solely had three conversations.
  36. Bella is realizing some shit right here.
  37. We’re lastly to the forest scene! So good!
  38. “How old are you?” “17.” “How long have you been 17?” “A while.” CHILLS.
  39. “I know what you are: a vampire.” (However think about if he wasn’t a vampire and now it is simply actually awkward.)
  40. As a lot as I beloved this scene, it is putting me as type of abusive now? He simply grabs her arm and begins dragging her up the hill. Not cool.
  42. Edward speaking about how a lot of a killer he’s as he casually rips complete tree limbs off . . . Bella, sweetie, throw the entire man out.
  43. Think about if Edward and his household weren’t “vegetarians”, although, and so they did eat people? Would Bella nonetheless go for him?
  44. I keep in mind studying about how Twilight was impressed by a dream of Stephenie Meyer’s, which was the scene by which Edward and Bella lye collectively within the flower subject. Ugh, so poignant.
  45. At this level the one actual cause Edward is so interested in Bella is as a result of he loves her odor a lot. He actually simply desires to drink her blood. I really feel like there ought to have been some extra improvement right here about them falling in love for like, regular causes?
  46. “About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with him.” Um, actually? You’re irrevocably in love with him? Sis, you have recognized him for 2 seconds. Additionally, you are actually 17.
  47. Edward evaluating his weight loss plan to people dwelling on tofu and that it is not fulling satisfying is BS, sorry. Vegetarian and vegan diets are 100 p.c sustainable Edward!
  48. Bella assembly Edward’s household for the primary time is likely one of the funniest scenes of the entire film.
  49. “Is she even Italian?” “Her name’s Bella”. LOL.
  50. Rosalie straight up shatters the glass bowl, so iconic.
  51. There’s fixed commentary about how a lot the vampires all should actually restrain themselves from killing Bella, and Bella appears chill with it.
  52. It simply now dawned on me that since vampires do not eat or drink something, they cannot drink alcohol or get drunk. And, clearly, they do not sleep both. What the hell do they do for enjoyable?
  53. Oh, proper. They take heed to Debussy.
  54. “You better hold on tight, spider monkey.” What?
  55. When your date monkey-crawls up a 50-foot tree with you slung on their again . . .
  56. Edward busting in by means of Bella’s window when she’s speaking to her mother, after which admitting that he is been doing it for “the past couple of months.” OK???
  57. Edward cannot totally make out with Bella as a result of he desires to kill her so dangerous. How did 12-year-old me not notice how weird that is?
  58. Additionally, how does Charlie by no means hear full-on conversations and shuffling round within the room actually proper subsequent to his?
  59. Edward watching Bella sleep when she willingly invitations him to take action is 100 p.c cuter than when he was creeping in. Glad we’re previous that section.
  60. Severely, how did I by no means observed how fantastically groomed Edward’s eyebrows have been?
  61. I know I say this quite a bit, however the baseball scene is *peak* cinema. The storm. The cinematography. “Supermassive Black Hole” enjoying within the background. Iconic.
  62. Rosalie hates Bella’s guts a lot.
  63. Oof, right here come the dangerous vampires. I love this drama. Additionally I love how they arrive onto the sphere like they’re strolling on a kind of flat escalator issues which can be all the time in airports.
  64. Severely, they weren’t capable of odor Bella till there was a gust of wind? The Cullens may odor Bella from the second she got here into their residence.
  65. God, Edward is so freaking aggressive with Bella generally. It isn’t romantic.
  66. I’ve all the time actually hated the entire struggle scene Bella and Edward simulate to present her an excuse to depart. And when she insults poor Charlie so badly so he’ll let her go away . . . #justiceforcharlie
  67. Bella passing by the diner and seeing the conventional youngsters simply dwelling life so thought-provoking.
  68. “Bella, you ARE my life now.” Once more, y’all are 17.
  69. I like how James threatens Bella and tells her that if she brings anybody to the ballet studio, he’ll kill her mother. Goes alone REALLY a greater concept, Bella? He is clearly nonetheless going to kill you each both method.
  70. Uh-oh, Bella obtained bamboozled.
  71. Pepper spray on a vampire. Good transfer, Bella.
  72. The entire film, Edward is all the time like, “Vampires are INDESTRUCTIBLE. INVINCIBLE. NOTHING CAN KILL US.” After which they kill James in like, .0005 seconds.
  73. Edward sucking the venom out of Bella’s arm is . . . uncomfortably sexual.
  74. “Death is peaceful, easy. Life is harder.” So deep, Bella.
  75. They simply settle for that Bella merely fell down some stairs. Are y’all simply going to disregard the gaping chunk wound in her arm???
  76. Bella wears converse to promenade. Ugh, she’s so quirky.
  77. Jacob simply casually reveals as much as Bella’s promenade to inform her that his dad desires her to interrupt up together with her boyfriend.
  78. Ohhh, Victoria continues to be alive and she or he appears to be like PISSED. The right set-up for New Moon.
  79. “HOW DID WE GET HERE? I USED TO KNOW YOU SO WELL” “Decode” is the tune of the last decade and that’s merely goal.

That is it! That is the film! Mainly, Twilight is likely one of the most iconic movies that has ever existed and anybody who disagrees can come for me. Cinematography? Wonderful. Plot? Exceptional. Characters? Visionary. It has its cringey moments, nevertheless it’s such a enjoyable and entertaining journey down reminiscence lane. What extra are you able to ask from a movie?



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