Nigeians react as Mercy flips her skirt to show her pant during the #BBNaija Saturday night partyNigerians are divided over this photo of Mercy showing off her underwear during the BBNaija Saturday night party. While her fans see nothing wrong with it, others are calling her out for ‘nudity’.Mercy no go rest until she show pant today‍ #BBNaijia— kashy (@ZADY_MILLZ) August 17, 2019#BBnaijaparty not even worried about Mercy’s pantbut worried about people wey dey record this event.You want to show your grandchildren ni?— Prince Ak (@Prince_charlo) August 17, 2019Mehn! If mercy shows us pant and so what ?I respect your opinion but most tacha fans attacking Mercy tonight should know their fav does it on a normal day…So why you dragging mercy for doing the same thing Tacha does ?I dont get #BBNaija— Doctor Love (@Prince__Chris) August 17, 2019Pls d next time any designer is making their Saturday night party cloth, they should make only pant for mercy. Girl doesn’t want all that coverage u giving to her .. @BBNaija @Ebuka #BBNaijia— ShugaTega (@ShugaTega) August 17, 2019#BBNaijaLol. Someone said Mercy is living Tacha’s past life. WowOK let’s leave them to rock their designer pant in peace tho— Elo’s WIFE (@marthaezike) August 17, 2019Please where did mercy buy her black pant me I want #bbnaija— Talkyreal (@Talkyreal) August 17, 2019What I don’t understand is why some people will justify Tacha for uploading her nude pics on IG and drag Mercy for showing her pant or doing the same.Don’t get! Must we even talk about it? #BBNaijia— Peytoncruz (@Peytoncruz2) August 17, 2019Yeah okay mercy u want to show us ur pant and now we have seen it tanku #BBNaija— Joe_Mickey_Frosh (@Joehandsome2) August 17, 2019This one that I’m not hearing Mercy today is she not in that party? Abi she didn’t shake yansh today or wear victoria secret pantNonsense and ingredients #BBNaija— Alexander Retamar (@ChuksEmueze) August 17, 2019Mercy is just finding way to get that pant off tonight #BBNaijia— Odigie Osasele (@OOsasele) August 17, 2019The post Nigerians react as Mercy flips her skirt to show her pant during the #BBNaija Saturday night party appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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