29 Ways to Show Off Your Tattoo in a Swimsuit and Bring in All the Insta Likes
29 Ways to Show Off Your Tattoo in a Swimsuit and Bring in All the Insta Likes

Tons of people get tattoos that are meant to be hidden, and we get that. But it’s also pretty common to come across a fashion girl with a penchant for styling her outfits around a tattoo. I used to be quiet about my tattoos in the Summer months, not minding if someone noticed them while I was swimming, but I never shouted about them from the rooftop. But then I got my hands on a few cheeky bikinis, and suddenly, my butt tattoo was on full display. I found that I really didn’t mind. It was almost like another accessory I got to wear while I was at the beach. Why not be proud of my body art?

Whether you have scripture on your forearm, a hip tattoo like Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, who cemented their BFF status with the beauty move, or a drawing near your ankle, we’re offering advice for showing them off in a swimsuit this Summer. It’s not just about the pose, but the style of swimwear you choose, and it’s safe to say you’re going to want to read up on both before picking up another two piece – or hitting up your tattoo artist. After all, we know you’re in the market for some double taps. Who isn’t?

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