Courteney Cox and Her Daughter Look Like Twins in Her '90s Red Carpet Dress

Given that Friends premiered in 1994, Courteney Cox spent a lot of time on red carpets in the ’90s, and there are plenty of photos to prove it. Based on our research, her signature red-carpet style then consisted of minimalist sheath and slip dresses, strappy sandals, and shoulder bags or clutches. Sounds a lot like what we all wear in 2019, right? That’s why it makes sense that her 21-year-old daughter Coco Arquette would be eager to wear one of her mom’s red carpet dresses from 1998.

Cox just posted to her Instagram side-by-side photos of her (at age 34) and Arquette wearing the same dress that she wore to the premiere of the movie Snake Eyes 21 years ago, and as you’ll see below, they look like twins. The muted purple, burnout velvet dress is an elegant take on a slip dress, and while the designer is unknown, we could easily see it on the Marc Jacobs runway in 2019.

Keep scrolling to see the uncanny resemblance between mother and daughter, and more Instagram shots of the pair and Arquette. 

Courteney Cox and Her Daughter Look Like Twins in Her '90s Red Carpet Dress

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