Hear that? That is the sound of a thousand fairies slowly perishing, which occurs to make the very same noise as your hair frying between two 400-degree steel plates. “Without proper protection, high heat irons will just burn and break your hair off,” says Streicher.

Actually, totally different hair sorts can deal with various ranges of warmth. For fantastic hair, straightening and curling must be stored to decrease temperatures (like 300 levels tops). Coarser-textured hair can deal with a bit extra warmth. “When in doubt, bring your flat iron or curling iron to your next appointment and ask your stylist,” says Cranford.

And at all times, at all times use a warmth protectant. “That poor hairit needs a product to help it fight off the negative effects of heat at that moment,” says Rez. “Not using heat protection when using hot tools will take a major toll.” Strive Redken’s Iron Shape 11 Heat Protectant Spray, $20.

Additionally, most significantly, reduce the quantity of days per week you are flat ironing and curling your hair. (Our specialists truly could not agree on whether or not on a regular basis warmth styling or the final level on this checklist was *the worst* to your hair). Streicher, for instance, says, “Overusing warmth in your hair persistently is the largest manner to injury your hair.”



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