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A couple of months ago, Google rolled out a new feature that let you use any Android 7.0+ phone as a security key for your Google services. Now a similar feature is launching for signing in on iOS devices.

Google announced today that you can now use your Android phone as a 2-step verification key when signing in to Google services on your iPhone or iPad. This means that when you sign in to your Google Account on an iOS device, you can require that the login be verified on an Android phone before the sign-in will be allowed to happen.

To do this, you’ll first need to add your Google Account to an Android 7.0+ phone. You’ll then need to make sure your account is enrolled in 2-step verification. On your computer, you’ll go to your 2-step verification settings, select “Add security key”, and choose your Android phone.

Once the feature is set up, you can begin using your Android phone as a security key for iOS device logins to your Google account. Both your Android and iOS devices must have Bluetooth turned on. You’ll then sign in to your Google account on your iPhone or iPad using the Google Smart Lock app, check your Android phone for a notification, and then confirm it’s you signing in.

Google Android security key iPhone, iPad

This new feature helps you to keep your Google Account secure on an iPhone or iPad using the strongest 2-step verification method. Having security on your Google services is important because you’ve probably got at least some personal info stored in there, and now folks who use an Android phone along with an iPhone or iPad, perhaps as a secondary personal or work device, can now ensure that their Google account is just as secure on iOS as it is on Android. 



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