Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage With These 9 Cool, Lightweight Running Hats

Outdoor workouts are the best workouts. Prove me wrong. When the weather is nice, heading outside for a long run, walk, hike, or even an HIIT workout on your driveway is a literal breath of fresh air. You clear your head, enjoy the day, and work up a sweat all at the same time. As far as I’m concerned, the best part – the sunshine! – is also the only downside. (Well, that, and bugs. One thing at a time.) As much as you and I love soaking up the warm sunlight, our skin begs to differ. Sunburns aren’t a good look, but they’re even worse for your health, and getting a tan isn’t any better. Both light- and dark-skinned people can develop skin cancer, and any time your skin changes color after sun exposure – tan or burn – your risk for skin cancer increases. (Check out more little-known facts here.)

That means it’s a really good idea to wear protection when you’re exercising outside this Summer: lathering up the sunscreen (here are our favorites for exercising) and wearing a hat or visor to protect your face. Luckily, there are many lightweight, breathable choices that won’t get sweaty and uncomfortable on a hot run or hike. And frankly, these nine hats are so versatile, we’d rock them sitting by the pool or on the beach, too.


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