Slip-Ons Turned Me into A Sneaker Person-13 To Shop Now

Up until a few years ago, I hated sneakers-I mean hated them. I grew up dancing, view yoga as my current exercise of choice, and love the instant elegance of a ballet flat or loafer. In short, there were few reasons why I needed ever slip my foot into a pair of athletically-inspired kicks and could count on one hand the number of times I had done so since Middle School softball decades ago. Chock it up to constant intrigue as a fashion editor and writer, constantly reporting on the growing athleisure trend, but a few years ago, I decided sneakers were worth a try. And it was a single pair of slip-ons that totally changed my tune.

Harkening back to my single-digit-age days living in classic white canvas Keds, I opted for a more grown-up version of the trend. They were made of black calf hair and from Gap and provided the perfectly chic transition from more elevated footwear to their sporty counterpart. They looked equally effortless with a mini dress in the summer and black ankle-crop jeans in the winter; kept my toes comfortable as I jutted around the city; and, for less than $50, they looked more expensive than they actually were.

Ever since then, my collection has grown. I’ve splurged. I’ve saved. I’ve snatched up everything from leopard to luxe navy velvet; rabbit fur-lined and classic white canvas alike. Ahead, find the styles I’m currently coveting for summer, for every style, size, and budget out there.



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