Target Is Selling Ring Pop Molds, So Our '90s-Loving Selves Will Be Making Them Weekly

For many of us ’90s kids, many nights were synonymous with spending hours on end with a sticky, sugary Ring Pop on our fingers. Whether you got one from your crush or bought one for yourself (because who has time to wait around for someone else to gift one to you?), they were about as close to a diamond ring as you were going to get at that age. And to be honest, a diamond ring that’s made of candy gets our vote over the real thing!

Well, now you can relive those simpler days whenever you want to, because this Koji Ring Popsicle Mold ($13, originally $15) from Target is about to turn your nostalgia into a present-day reality. You can make eight popsicles at a time, in either heart shapes or classic diamond shapes. Just whip up your favorite popsicle recipe or fruit juice and freeze! But be careful – you’ll have to eat these ring pops a little faster than those from your childhood.



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