What is the Distinction Between Brie and Camembert Cheese?
What is the Distinction Between Brie and Camembert Cheese?

Whereas each brie and camembert are cow’s milk cheeses, are soft-ripening, and have a white, flowery rind, the 2 aren’t interchangeable. So the following time you might be on the retailer and deciding between brie or camembert, this is what you could know.

  • Manufacturing: Through the cheese-making course of, cream is added to brie, however in camembert, it isn’t; consequently, brie is 60 % milk fats, whereas camembert is barely 45 %. As well as, camembert makes use of stronger lactic starters which are inoculated into the cheese mildew 5 occasions, contributing to a stronger-flavored cheese. Brie’s lactic starters are solely put into the cheese mildew as soon as, due to this fact the cheese is milder.
  • Outer look: The diameters of brie and camembert cheese molds are completely different. (Discover the Saint André brie to the left seems taller and smaller than the flat, spherical Ile de France camembert to the fitting. The camembert cheese mildew has a particular measurement and weight of 250 grams.
  • Interior look: Brie tends to have a whitish inside, whereas camembert has a deeper yellowish shade. A really ripe camembert may have runny insides; most variations of brie in America, nonetheless, are stabilized, that means the cheese’s heart may have a agency texture that may by no means flip runny.
  • Odor and style: Brie has a lightweight, buttery scent and taste with a salty end. Camembert will be on the funkier aspect and scent earthy and barnyard-y like mushrooms or hay, with an intensely savory, umami taste.
  • Affinage: Brie is made to be consumed instantly. Whereas Individuals are likely to eat cheeses on the youthful aspect, in France, most will follow affinage, or the artwork of ripening cheese, and can await six or eight weeks earlier than slicing right into a wheel of gooey, ripened camembert.


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