This Pennywise Lamp Is Terrifying, and We Need It ASAP

Much like Pennywise unexpectedly peeking his head out from a storm drain, It Chapter 2 has hit theaters faster than a jump scare. Along with a studly grown-up cast that stars Bill Hader and Jessica Chastain, the Stephen King franchise is back with frightful new merch to boot.

Horror enthusiasts can now buy a creepy Pennywise Balloon Lamp ($37) from Firebox to make all their scariest Derry d̶r̶e̶a̶m̶s̶ nightmares come true. While some horror villains simply lurk, Bill Skarsgård’s freaky clown holds a red balloon to signal his presence. The lamp perfectly replicates this red balloon shape and menacingly glows when you turn it on. But this one doesn’t just float – the string works as a steady stand. Keep reading to see this haunting piece of home decor from every unsettling angle!



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