Trader Joe's $3 Cinnamon Bun Spread Is Here to Revolutionize Your Brunch Plans

Attention, Trader Joe’s shoppers: brand-new Cinnamon Bun Spread is popping up on shelves, so get yourself to a storefront ASAP. The grocery chain famous for gifting us with Cookie Butter is now offering another sweet spreadable option which might be the key to a successful breakfast, brunch, or dessert this Fall.

The spread is selling for a little over $3 per jar, and includes the autumnal spices you’ve come to expect from a tasty cinnamon roll. Since learning about this product, I’ve already brainstormed a long list of snacks to add this to, which include: pancakes, waffles, cookies, french toast, regular toast, apple slices, ice cream . . . or I’m game to just dive right in with a spoon on its own. This is just one of many new products Trader Joe’s is expected to roll out this season. If they’re anything like this, keep ’em coming!



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