Conceptual of Sexual health product.

You would possibly bend the guidelines with meals or skincare, however when the expiration date in query is stamped on a condom the solely factor standing between you and a sexually transmitted an infection or unplanned being pregnant it is best you’re taking discover.

“The materials used to make the condom break down over time,” Kate Killoran, MD, an ob-gyn with Your Doctors Online, instructed POPSUGAR. Meaning they actually do expire, sometimes three to five years after they’re manufactured, although pure supplies (like lambskin) do not final practically as lengthy. The identical is true of condoms made with spermicidal lubricant. “The spermicide breaks down the material the condom is made from faster, shortening the shelf life by about two years,” Dr. Killoran stated.

However the date listed on the packaging is not the solely issue to contemplate when deciding whether or not or not a condom is protected to make use of. The Meals and Drug Administration recommends that condoms be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. “Condoms stored in a wallet, purse, car, or other warm place exposed to sunlight can break down more quickly and be less effective,” Dr. Killoran defined. If you wish to carry one with you, the FDA suggests doing so for only some hours at a time.

So, even condoms that have not but reached their expiration date cannot at all times be trusted. “If it appears dry or cracked, or if the package is open or leaking spermicide or lubricant, it might as well be expired,” Dr. Killoran instructed POPSUGAR. Likewise, ditch any packages the place the condom appears gummy or is sticking to itself.

Lastly, no matter whether or not a condom is bordering on expired, it is best to take some precautions to assist stop it from breaking. Whereas lubrication can cut back friction, the US Division of Well being and Human Companies recommends water- or silicone-based lubricants over oil-based products, comparable to petroleum jelly or therapeutic massage oil, which might weaken the materials of a condom. Higher protected than sorry.


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