6 Yoga Videos That Target Your Core Like You Never Thought They Could

Yoga is good for getting your splits down like Katelyn Ohashi, loosening up tight muscles, and aiding in relaxation. To top it all off, it does wonders for your balance and, most importantly, your core strength, which might not be the first thing you think of when you think about yoga, but it’s true. First, there’s the plank work that yoga flows often incorporate, and moves that force you to overtly engage your core such as Cat Cow. Then, there are all the poses that require balance – so many of them, like Warrior 2, for example – where tightening your core muscles keeps you stable.

My favorite yoga YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene, includes videos for pretty much anything (even text neck and self-care). She often starts her follow-along sequences with some breathing exercises in a “nice and tall” seated position. She directs you to ground through your bottom while engaging your core, because something as simple as sitting up straight and breathing in through the nose, into the belly, and out through the mouth requires core activation.

There are also flows completely focused on ab and core strength. Ahead, you’ll find a number of these flows; a lot of them are slow and controlled with an emphasis on form, but that’s the best kind of burn. Get ready to feel bicycle crunches and planks like you’ve never felt them before! Plus, when you’re done, check out these ab-targeting yoga poses.



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