Here's What 100 Calories of All Your Favorite Nuts Looks Like

Nuts have all the time been my go-to snack. I hold baggage of do-it-yourself path combine in all places – in my gymnasium bag, my desk drawer at work, even within the automobile. Though an excellent supply of protein, fiber, and wholesome fat, they’re additionally excessive in energy. When you’re not cautious, you may find yourself racking up lots of of energy with just a few bites.

Nut Quantity of Nuts Calories
Almonds, raw 14 97
Almonds, dry-roasted, salted 14 98
Brazil nuts, dried 3 93
Cashews, raw 10 98
Cashews, oil-roasted, salted 9 96
Hazelnuts, dry-roasted 10 102
Macadamias, raw 5 102
Macadamias, dry-roasted, salted 5 102
Peanut, raw 17 99
Peanut, oil-roasted, salted 16 96
Pecan halves 10 98
Pine nuts, dried 77 100
Pistachios, dry-roasted, unsalted 29 99
Pistachios, oil-roasted, salted 29 99
Walnuts, dried 13 104


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