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‘I found a millionaire’s creepy collection hidden inside an abandoned mansion’

A man who discovered an abandoned “creepy” mansion also found the owner’s weird hobby still preserved, but there was also still many treasures hidden inside. 

Daniel Sims is an urban explorer who has exploded in popularity on his YouTube channel @BeardedReality by filming “strange and wonderful” abandoned buildings throughout the UK. 

He recently decided to walk through a long-forgotten mansion in southern Wales that reportedly once belonged to a millionaire, and was shocked to discover the owner’s bizarre collection still stacked inside. 

The grand mansion’s rooms were filled with taxidermy, which is when animal skin is prepared to look like the creature is still alive. Daniel said there were many animal skulls and paws littered throughout the home, plus even lampshades made out of animal skin.  

Daniel said: “The house itself has seen extensive damage now, with floors collapsing, but would be worth over a million – just the house itself and land, which is extensive.” 

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The beautiful house is thought to have been abandoned at least 20 years ago and it is believed it may have belonged to a rich hunter who liked to keep his trophies.

Daniel explained: “The owners had a lot of money, which you could tell from a lot of the older antiques and collectables kept here. 

“We found extensive taxidermy paws, claws, skulls, and heads at the place. There were other taxidermy animals here including a tiger head, but this was stolen.”

Daniel also discovered a grand clock which he was “surprised” had not been stolen and also found there were old weapons littered in the mansion, which he said were “awesome to see.” 

However, Daniel believes the mansion is “creepy” and also said he believes it looked like the owner may have left quickly, and there was still lots of valuables hidden inside the building. 

Daniel said: “The kitchen had everything left out like someone had just been sitting making food and living their life which is quite creepy but as you go through the place you can see how damaged the place is.

While exploring the ruined mansion, Daniel said he was both “amazed and saddened” to have gone there. 

Daniel said: “Amazed that such a place is just abandoned and left and had everything left behind, and really makes you think if you have no one and no one to inherit, what happens to your possessions and memories once you go?

“Saddened as a place that was clearly very grand is slowly being taken back by nature and the elements and will end up in ruin.” 

While describing the mansion, Daniel said the taxidermy animals and skulls “really set the tone of the place.” 

He said: “We even found some lampshades which are made of animal skin. The made four-poster bed just suggests the place was abandoned and left very suddenly and very valuable things just out in the open suggesting that no one apart from vandals and thieves has been here.”

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