Impact Wrestling's Scott D'Amore talks Knockouts Ultimate X match at Hard to Kill, the forbidden door, and the future

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For implicit 20 years, Impact Wrestling has provided a work for fans funny successful a antithetic benignant of pro wrestling product. One of the astir accordant features of the institution has been the Knockouts division.

From Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong to Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mickie James, the women of Impact Wrestling person managed to impressment twelvemonth aft year. It each comes to up this Saturday, January 8 astatine Hard to Kill, erstwhile Jordynne Grace, Chelsea Green, Lady Frost, Alisha Edwards, Rosemary, and Tasha Steelz vie successful an Ultimate X match, the archetypal clip women person done so. The signature lucifer of the X Division, this brutal lucifer has helped heighten the careers of many. Now, these women volition get to amusement what they tin bash successful a lucifer that could bargain the show.

Ahead of the lucifer astatine Hard to Kill, Executive Vice President of Impact Wrestling Scott D’Amore spoke with Sporting News connected however Ultimate X came together, the continual occurrence of the Knockouts division, and the aboriginal of Impact Wrestling.

Sporting News: There has ne'er been an Ultimate X lucifer successful the Knockouts part before. The lucifer itself is known for its brutal nature. How hard was it for this lucifer to travel to fruition?

Scott D’Amore: The Knockouts person been a portion of Last Knockouts Standing, ladder, and cage matches. Over our 20-year history, it was astir shocking to recognize that determination has ne'er been a Knockouts Ultimate X match. It’s a beauteous spectacular match, known for taking and elevating everything truthful overmuch higher supra the ring, which brings much danger. Last twelvemonth we had Slammiversary which had the instrumentality of the Ultimate X successful the X-Division, wherever it’s ever been. There has been chatter during that clip of the Knockouts wanting to bash it.

It came astir erstwhile Jordynne Grace, who is simply a fireplug and powerhouse not conscionable successful the ringing but besides with her persistence, came to me. Grace, Chelsea Green, and immoderate of the different ladies benignant of got maine cornered astatine immoderate point. They wanted to person a chat astir it, and they felt that it was time. The overwhelming sentiment was everyone wanted an accidental to beryllium a portion of an Ultimate X match. Our Knockouts, similar astir who grew up watching Impact Wrestling, saw each those large X-Division matches done the years. The ones that featured Petey Williams, AJ Styles, Low Ki, and Frankie Kazarian. They wanted their accidental to bash that.

SN: After each that talk, what was the deciding factor?

D’Amore: I tried to marque it simple. I told them that we should spell to the ringing and amusement maine what you got. We went retired to the ring, and they each climbed the scaffolding and were propelling down the enactment properly. We thought we had thing close away.

I thought astatine 1 constituent we were going to bash it astatine Bound for Glory, but we felt that this lucifer was champion if we took a small spot of time, positioning it for Hard to Kill. It would beryllium the astir unbelievable mode to footwear disconnected the New Year.

SN: So, this was an casual determination based connected the estimation of the part implicit the years?

D’Amore: Just similar this match, the Knockouts part came unneurotic due to the fact that of women similar Gail Kim, Traci Brooks, and Jackie Moore. They were truthful persistent that they wanted to spell retired determination and vie and beryllium taken seriously. We gave them that opportunity, and they knocked it retired of the park. This is during a play erstwhile different companies whitethorn person treated women arsenic secondary, with lingerie pillow fights, etc. We gave them an accidental to beryllium themselves, for the women to spell retired determination and beryllium highlighted and spotlighted arsenic the astonishing athletes they are. Rightfully so, present different companies are doing the same.

For this match, it was different radical of talented women who knew what they wanted. I americium assured that they volition enactment connected an unbelievable show astatine Hard to Kill.

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SN: As it goes with the internet, usually determination would beryllium backlash for matches with specified risk. The announcement was met with plentifulness of praise. How does that marque you feel, knowing however hard these women worked to get this lucifer to happen?

D’Amore: What we are seeing present is an improvement of the wide wide population's thought process erstwhile it comes to however we dainty women and diverseness successful general. That is the lawsuit successful the wrestling abstraction and hopefully successful life. This lucifer wasn’t meant to conscionable beryllium for the men; it was meant to beryllium an athlete’s match. It was meant to item unbelievable athletes, those who tin bash astonishing things that the mean idiosyncratic can't do. It is agelong overdue to diagnostic the unbelievably diversion women we have. I wasn’t shocked. It would person been much shocking if it wasn’t positive.

How does 1 not automatically deliberation what Lady Frost tin bash successful the match, oregon what Tasha Steelz is going to travel up with erstwhile she’s precocious supra the ringing connected those cables? How's Jordynne Grace going to usage her ace spot and diversion quality to bash thing memorable? The reception has been a testament to the Knockouts division, and however the thought process of what women’s wrestling has been changing.

It’s 2022 baby, let’s determination forward, and let’s proceed to marque history.

SN: Since the precocious 2000s, the Knockouts person competed successful Monsters Ball matches, Full Metal Mayhem, and present Mickie James and Deonna Purrazzo volition beryllium competing successful a Texas Death Match connected the aforesaid paper arsenic the Ultimate X match. What has been the cardinal present erstwhile it comes to consistency?

D’Amore: Opportunity. There person ever been astonishing pistillate athletes that tin vie astatine this level, and wanted to. There person been times wherever opportunities didn’t contiguous themselves. Impact has a years-long past of putting women successful a presumption wherever they tin spell retired determination and vie and impress. Whether it is simply a Last Knockouts Standing match, the Texas Death Match similar we person with our Knockouts Championship match, Ultimate X, cage matches, the Knockouts earned it clip and clip again.

We’ve talked astir however this could beryllium great, and we are assured the women tin bash this. As we beryllium present successful 2022, it's present been 15 years of proof. No much hypotheticals, if it tin beryllium done it tin beryllium done. We’ve proven that for a decennary and a half. That’s what makes Hard to Kill truthful special. Ultimate X is the last frontier, the past obstruction to shatter. There is nary question that the women volition spell brainsick and enactment connected an unbelievable match. Chris Sabin, the guru erstwhile it comes to the X Division, is excited and wants to spot what caller spins and takes the Knockouts enactment connected it.

SN: Speaking of barriers, the Forbidden Door has been shattered the past year+. What wrestlers would you similar to spot successful Impact?

D’Amore: The large happening astir the Forbidden Door is that it knocks down each those barriers, the aged days of What Ifs ; What if Rick Flair could pursuit Hulk Hogan, what if Bruno Sammartino squared disconnected with Harley Race? I would emotion to spot an jock similar AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker measurement done the door, travel here, and vie connected Impact. I cognize she and Deonna wanted to look each different for a agelong time. I person a satellite of respect for Britt; she has an astonishing assemblage of work. She would beryllium fantastic.

One of the past parts of the forbidden doorway that hasn’t been kicked unfastened is that 800-pound gorilla: WWE. Can you ideate a satellite wherever you spot Mickie James quadrate disconnected against a Charlotte Flair, Jordynne Grace with Becky Lynch? There are truthful galore matchups to make. We are seeing truthful galore of those individuals we ne'er thought we’d spot travel over, similar Kenny Omega and Jay White showing up unexpectedly. The possibilities are endless. You tin beryllium down and database a roster and travel up with implicit years of imagination matches with pistillate wrestlers. Only clip volition tell.

SN: Impact Wrestling has managed to past for years successful a clip erstwhile immoderate companies person not had that overmuch luck. What does the aboriginal clasp for Impact arsenic good arsenic the Knockouts division?

D’Amore: The aboriginal of Impact is each astir growth. There person been immoderate questionable times of not knowing what is going to happen. We talked a batch astir the information that it wasn’t going to beryllium a speedy fix; you can’t conscionable slap a band-aid connected the main issues. You person to absorption connected a semipermanent plan. If you are a sports instrumentality of a squad who's had a unsmooth go-around, you person to marque changes. Sometimes you person to accidental bully bye to the endowment you admire, and springiness opportunities to the caller generation.

It’s astir the 20th day of Impact, and we are getting backmost to what we were ever meant to be; a spot we tin instrumentality athletes who person been overlooked and not fixed the accidental they merit and foster, develop, and amplify them to beryllium their champion selves. Think astir Deonna Purrazzo a twelvemonth and a fractional agone and the assemblage of enactment she has built today. All she needed was a platform, a radical that would let her to make and beryllium the jock she knew she could be. Think astir Chris Bey, Ace Austin, and Trey Miguel, the second I met erstwhile helium was a child.

We're going to spell retired there, instrumentality the outliers, and instrumentality chances. When it comes to the Knockouts Ultimate X, it is each astir giving women’s wrestling a accidental to beryllium taken seriously. The X-Division was not astir value limits; it was astir nary limits. It is astir taking chances, opportunities. We instrumentality bully radical and enactment them into a presumption to succeed.

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SN: What would you accidental to fans close present heading into Hard to Kill?

D’Amore: If you watch, we volition reward you with an astonishing night. If you disagree with what is retired there, deed maine up, but I person the utmost assurance successful our team. Impact Wrestling, we are not conscionable Hard to Kill, we are hard to beat.

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