Ini Oluwa’s Fountainhead Art Exhibition to Showcase 100 Diverse Works, Defying Stereotypes | November 3rd-5th

Inioluwa Aboluwarin (Ini Oluwa), a Nigerian artist known for his vibrant and evocative paintings, will present his first solo art exhibition at the Hall of Odin in Lekki, Lagos from November 3-5, 2023. This solo art exhibition by Ini Oluwa at the Hall of Odin in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria features 100 diverse artworks, challenging stereotypes of Nigerian art exhibitions.

Over three days, the Fountainhead art exhibition will feature a private and public exhibition, a live painting show, a live musical concert, and a party open to all creatives and creative enthusiasts. Ini Oluwa aims to provide a 360° experience that engages all five senses of his guests and attendees on multiple levels.

Attendees can explore the 100 artworks that make up the Fountainhead collection, with each piece showcasing his unique worldview, talent and artistic vision. The venue will be transformed into an immersive experience where guests can lose themselves in a world of Ini Oluwa’s creations while being treated to live music performances curated to complement the themes of the artworks on display.

‘Fountainhead’, inspired by Ayn Rand’s 1943 book, represents Ini Oluwa’s unique approach to how art is created, perceived, and appreciated. With an active full-time career spanning over a remarkable decade, Inioluwa Aboluwarin is a visual artist who sees art as an extension of the artist’s self.

Ini Oluwa’s Fountainhead art exhibition is a celebration of creation and creativity, inviting art lovers from all walks of life to embark on an unforgettable journey through his artworks.

For more information about Ini Oluwa’s art and upcoming exhibitions, visit his website .

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