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Mum gave her daughter her name as a joke but then it stuck

Pippa Tinsley, age 32 and Luke Tinsley, age 33, have given each child a unique name based on something they love, such as their favourite Disney character Bambi and after the couple’s favourite movie boxer, Rocky.  The Lincolnshire family love their family’s unique names – and Mum Pippa has said each name has “a story behind them.” 

Mum Pippa said: “There are so many common names out there, why not stand out a bit.

The couple has named their six children after their favourite musicians, movies, and Disney characters but two of their daughter’s names are also a sweet tribute to one family member. The couple’s youngest children are named after their boxing obsession, as their three-year-old is named Rocky-Tyson after the 1970s boxing movie with the character Rocky Balbo as well as the boxing champion Tyson Fury.

They also continued the boxing theme with their six-year-old son Hatton, named after the British boxer Ricky Hatton. The eldest child Joel Scofield, age 15, is named after the lead singer of the band Good Charlotte, Joel Madden as well as the main character from the television show Prison Break, Michael Schofield.

Pippa has said she and her husband have passed down their love of boxing to their children. She said: “We’re both obsessed with boxing, so we knew there were going to be boxing-inspired names in there. Joel recently did some boxing through school and Hatton has started at Amir Unsworth Boxing Academy where his dad used to take him training and he’s now old enough to join.”

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Pippa said the name Hatton came to her in a dream, and her husband Luke was “desperate” to name one of their sons after his favourite movie.

She said: “We grew up watching Ricky Hatton and I’ve always been a big fan…he is such a big advocate for men’s mental health – I just love him. I had a dream we’d called out son Hatton and Luke agreed that it was meant to be.”

About her son’s name Rocky-Tyson, Pippa said: “I really wasn’t sure about Rocky at first – it sounded like a dog’s name. But Luke was desperate to name him that because it was his favourite film growing up.

“I had named all of the others, so it felt only fair – as long as I got Tyson in there too, so we compromised.I love Tyson Fury so it’s a little nod to all the boxer we find inspirational.”

The name of the couple’s four-year-old daughter is Bambi, which began as a nickname but the couple loved the name and wanted a name inspired by her love of Disney movies. Pippa said: “I also knew I was going to have a Disney name for one of them and Bambi was on a list of ridiculous names, as a bit of a joke, but it just stuck.

“Some people still don’t believe that’s actually her name. To be honest, she’s such a feral child – we should have called her Mowgli.”

Pippa is “obsessed” with Dinsey films and wanted a Disney-themed name, and at first, wanted to name her daughter Belle but it was the name of her father-in-law’s dog, so it “was off the table.” 

She said: “Luke and I both realised we loved the name Bambi, and it definitely suits her.”

Their eldest daughter is 13 years old and is named Autumn-Kyla, which was chosen by Pippa’s mother, Sara, who looked after the children when she was younger. 

The name ‘Autumn’ was chosen as it was what Pippa was originally going to be called by Sara before she decided on ‘Pippa’. 

Their next daughter, Sara-Lileigh, age 11, was named to honour Sara and her name is pronounced ‘Sara-Lilly’. Pippa and her mother “made up” the  spelling” of the name for it to be more unique,

Pippa said of her daughters’ names: “They’re not quite as unusual, but both are still very special to us and have lots of meaning behind them. My mum Sara had a cancer scare, and I wanted to name one of my children after her.”

Pippa has said on her children’s names: “I love how different all of their names and none of them are really outrageous. They’re all really special and have a story behind them.”

She added:  “I love all our kids’ name and I don’t care what anyone thinks – they’re fun and unique.”

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