Wendy Williams says she would rather see Jason Momoa win Sexiest Man Alive over John Legend

Wendy Williams has expressed her dissatisfaction with Individuals Journal for naming John Legend the Sexiest Man Alive for 2019


Talking on her present on Wednesday, November 13, the host congratulated John Legend on his Sexiest Man Alive win however instructed that another person ought to have received it as a result of she thinks the singer isn’t the Sexiest Man Alive.


Exhibiting the Individuals journal picture to her studio viewers, Wendy admitted that John is”cute,” however “not the Sexiest Man Alive.” 


“I think they’re a cute couple,” she continued, talking about Legend and spouse Chrissy Teigen. “Like, they’re short and they’re thin. I love them together, but not apart.”


Although she mentioned she wasn’t “mad” about Legend profitable, after which went to recommend another.


“You recognize who I like and he isn’t even the Sexiest Man Alive. I usually do not like facial hair, however in new life, I am assembly plenty of new males. If I might consider one individual it would be Jason Momoa,” she added. “Anyway, but congratulations John.”


“When I think about a sexy man, I’m not thinking John Legend. The first thing I think of is that I weigh so much more than him,” she went on. “If we were walking down the street and somebody wanted to spray me with a water gun, I need a man that’s going to punch someone in the face. You know what I mean?”


“If I’m not quite feeling right after leaving the club, I need a man to throw me over his shoulder and say, ‘Come on girl,'” she added. “John is not that guy. But congratulations Jonathan.”



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