Homosexuality is not a disease ? actress, Ashionye Raccah, says

Actress and singer, Ashionye Michelle Raccah, has mentioned that homosexuality is not a disease and that Nigerians have to get up to the fact that homosexuals are human beings as effectively.


Ashionye mentioned this to QedTV on the premiere of Funmi Iyanda’s film, Strolling with Shadows. Talking on the premiere of the film which is about a married man whose spouse later discovered he was homosexual, Ashionye mentioned folks want to understand that a particular person is not made to be homosexual however is born homosexual.


“It’s excessive time we started to just accept each human being regardless of their sexuality. I’m a human being whether or not I’m straight or homosexual. It’s excessive time we started to grasp that we’re mainly only one and we shouldn’t choose. I do know we’ve this 14 12 months sentencing in Nigeria however then once more you may’t change a particular person whoever she or he is.

“Some people say being gay is made, you become gay. I don’t believe that. I believe someone who is gay is born that way, that’s who the person is, and it is not a disease. It is not something to be afraid of. t is not something to judge” she mentioned.


Requested if she is going to settle for her youngster if she or he grows as much as be homosexual, Ashionye responded

If you’re born straight, that is who you’re. If I’m born lesbian, that is who I’m. I did not turn into lesbian. Like I mentioned, it is not a disease. I’ve folks near me, household and shut mates, who’re really gay males and queer ladies and I completely love them. To be sincere, I’ve a lot of male mates who’re really homosexuals they usually give one of the best recommendation. They love me for who I’m and I completely love them for who they’re”.


When requested if she helps the repeal of the 14 12 months jail penalty for any gay caught within the act, she mentioned

”Sure! Why ought to we choose folks for who they’re.  Why ought to we crucify folks for who they’re. Like I mentioned, it is not a disease. It is not a crime. If a man or girl is being judged for being queer or being homosexual, then why am I not being judged for being straight? 



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