An Open Letter To Those Who Want To Earn N200,000 – N500,000+ extra Cash Monthly from Football Betting
An Open Letter To Those Who Want To Earn N200,000 – N500,000+ extra Cash Monthly from Football BettingThis is a sponsored post… My Name is Mercy and I am reaching out to you as a Business-Lady seeking like-minds to achieve a common g0al, Pr0fiting from F00tball betting. I don’t know your story but my 3+ years indirect experience shows that football betting can be damn crazy. Indirect because it’s actually my Ex that is into it but I was often carried along.All those “fixed odd” scams really dealt with him. If you are one of those still living in the fool’s paradise of such, please flush it out of your head now.THE MAIN MESSAGEI am not a football savvy person. All I wanted is sure means to make money off football betting. Just like my Ex used to do. I do not know how he did it but he was merely managing with his 90k salary. Almost half of which was given to bet9ja monthly. But some months ago before we broke up, he cracked the code and was making some good money.Thank God the secret wasn’t hidden from me. I benefited that off him because I am smart. All men are the same. They start making money, they start misbehaving… BETSPREDICTIONS.COM He was subscribed to a telegram channel of a punter from Kenya who resell tips from t1psters he has tested. He was paying $100 for 30days subscription and the t1pster they were using is (don’t jump there yet. Read this till the end)I wish I knew or have that Kenya punter’s telegram channel or phone number. I didn’t and we scattered everything so te, I can’t get such information from my Ex. Never!I learnt he recently acquired a fine car. Good luck to him. The deal is this…THE SECRET: There is this source he gets 6 odds average daily from and he stake flat amount on it all through the month. For example, he can stake 10k daily for month of August etc. An Open Letter To Those Who Want To Earn N200,000 – N500,000+ extra Cash Monthly from Football Betting
An Open Letter To Those Who Want To Earn N200,000 – N500,000+ extra Cash Monthly from Football Betting This table is simple. I only show the days the DOUBLE and TREBBLE won together and the total odds it gave on such day. You know we are combining the 2 together and we shall stake flat amount through the month. Those figures in green were profits for the respective months. This is total unit for the month minus total number of days of the month (we stake on each of those days)ASSUMING WE STARTED IN FEBRUARY….If our capital was N100,000 and use N7000 daily. In February, the profit was 17 units. Profit would have been N7000 x17 = N119,000.MARCH: Capital is the previous N100,000 + N119,000 (profit for February)= N219,000. If we use 7%, it will be N17,000 to be stake daily in March.Profit for March was 57 units. That’s N17,000 x57 = N969,000. Total by end of March is Capital N219,000 + N969,000 (profit for March) = N1,188,000Even if we take away N688,000 into our bank, we have N500,000 to be using as our trading capital. We can be using 5% of our capital for daily stake to be more secured.Profit for April was 74 units. Using 5% of 500k capital daily, that’s N25,000 daily. That’s N25,000 x 74 = N1,850,000 (pure profit you can take off and still have your 500k capital intact)Profit for May was 50 units. That’s N25,000 x 50 = N1,250,00Profit for June was 38 units. That’s N25,000 x 38 = N950,000Profit for July was 47 units. That’s N25,000 x 47 = N1,175,000Profit for August was 09 units. That’s N25,000 x 09 = N225,000Take your time to peruse through the above fact and figures. These could even be double if we didn’t take out all profit from 2nd month.The table above can be verified by you personally when you go to, you can even compute for the whole of 2018 by yourself and do some mind blowing calculations. The subscription fee is the wahala and that is what I am here to solve so we can all benefit from it. The subscription to that is very expensive. If not, I wouldn’t even think of this method to crowd fund it.They use to combine the TREBBLE and DOUBLE of betspredictions together to get 5+ odds. That cost 900 euro + 700 euro = 1,600 euro. You can confirm that from No idiot should come here and say rubbish like I own the betsprediction o. Use google to ascertain the origin of it. Or is it to see when it was created and where it was registered.The 1,600 euro is over N672,000Yes! It’s insane and unrealistic for an individual Nigerian to pay such huge amount to get games from a punter but the big players obviously do it. I do not have such money and so many Nigerians don’t too. That’s why you are reading this. If it’s possible to get like 20 like minds to crowd fund it and we share the games among ourselves daily in a group as soon as it is received from the punter. With N25,000 to N30,000 max from each of us, we can have access to the same games we were expected to pay 1600 euro for. Here is the DEALIf you wish to be part of those who will crowd fund this and ready to pay between N20,000 – N30,000 access fee monthly, Kindly join our telegram channelè This is where I will coordinate and fast-track us getting subscribed and starting as soon as possible. We do not need the whole Nigeria to be part of this. Just those who read, understood and appreciate the huge potential in this. Most importantly, prepared to pay 20k – 30k to have the games shared with him/her in the secret channel we shall create for this unique purpose. If you are sure you are ready, kindly join the channel right on this link => here=> post An Open Letter To Those Who Want To Earn N200,000 N500,000+ extra Cash Monthly from Football Betting appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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