#SudanUprising: Don’t Relent in Your Efforts in Supporting SudanThe military in Sudan only just refused Ethopia’s proposal to end the deadlock over the transitional committee of the federal government.

What this means is that the crisis in still very real. The people haven’t gotten their mandate, and they’re still being ruled by dictators.

It is natural, this far in, to get complacent, relent in efforts of protest. But, please, let’s not do that. Let’s not rest until victory is won.

There are still several ways you can donate to the cause, besides reminding people regularly on your social media.

There’s this GoFundMe campaign out of the UK that claims to be helping with medical aid in Sudan. You can donate here.

There’s a campaign on Facebook, too, claiming to provide food and medicine for those in Sudan. You can donate here.

A Change.org campaign is petitioning the UN to investigate the human rights violations. You can sign the petition here.

There’s the International Rescue Committee, stationed in Sudan since 1989, fighting malnutrition and helping the displaced since then. You can donate here.

Save the Children has been in Sudan since 1984, helping the displaced and providing food. You can donate here.

Please please please. These are real lives, real people. Help as much as you can.

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