The Many Lies We Were Told as ChildrenEach child has been lied to. Each one in all us. Proper from after we had been little – even up until now. The humorous factor about that is that now that we’re grown, we’ve got inherited our mother or father’s gimmicks and continued to cross these lies to children who’re simply rising.

See ehn, we’ll by no means forgive these individuals who informed us that an orange tree will develop on our heads if we swallow a seed when sucking oranges. And for individuals who informed us India beat Nigeria 99 – 1 in soccer, we’re undecided they may make heaven. How are you going to simply sit down and prepare dinner up such preposterous lies? After which we had been simply swallowing all of the bobo unknowingly.

Older folks informed us hefty hefty lies after we had been younger and it’s nonetheless paining us. After this text, all of us want to come back collectively to determine if we’ll forgive them or not. However earlier than then, let’s spotlight few of the manyyy lies they informed us.

Don’t swallow an orange seed, don’t contact a lizard

These had been one of many commonest lies we had been informed. Virtually each little one was very cautious to not swallow an orange seed – simply because we didn’t desire a tree to develop on our heads. Those that ultimately swallowed the seed cried and cried and tried all they may to vomit the seed out. There was this lie of not letting a lizard crawl in your pores and skin too as a result of if it crawls, it robotically means your pores and skin will start to have scales like that of a lizard. However how come we believed all these lies?

The many snake lies

The concern of snakes was the start of knowledge for a lot of kids. “Don’t draw strains on the ground with sticks. For those who draw it peren, snakes will comply with the strains and hint you house.” “Don’t whistle at night because snakes will hear your whistles and come visit you wherever you are.” Ahan, suffry with the lies na. Many kids who liked to whistle rapidly stopped whistling instantly they remembered that snakes will seem from nowhere.

Different animals will not be omitted

For those who eat Eba and also you don’t wash your hand, rats will eat all of your fingers within the night time. Our agbaya uncles and aunties even mentioned: “in the event you eat your hen, it will likely be doing kukurukuuu in your abdomen”. Or is it after they mentioned that if it’s sunny and raining on the identical time, then it means a lion is being delivered of a cub someplace?

Evil spirits and Ojuju Calabar

Ojuju calabar eyoyo eyoyo

Each little one feared the imaginary ojoju and it was consistently used to place troublesome children of their place. The humorous factor is that no little one noticed this ojuju (why didn’t we ask to see it sef?) however we had been all terrified of it. As soon as a toddler hears ‘ojuju’, you instantly cease crying, run inside or sit nonetheless. It’s the identical means we had been informed to not exit at night time as a result of evil spirits and all these lifeless folks (who’re alleged to be sleeping) would hurt us. Were you additionally informed to not look within the mirror or look right into a properly at night time in order that witches won’t leap out of them? We had been too!

Don’t contact or hug a person if not…

You already know the remainder of this sentence. Our mother and father used it to (of their voices) ‘teach girls morals’. Many younger ladies feared to the touch a boy or hug their male classmates, simply so that they received’t get pregnant. Was it so troublesome to show the suitable intercourse schooling? We surprise!

The identical mother and father forgot to show their boys consent and to not rape women, however don’t allow us to digress.

Madam Koi-Koi

For those who attended boarding faculties, then you’ll perceive the fear that crammed younger college students’ souls at night time when Madam Koi Koi was mentioned to be passing by in her pink heels. Many college students swore that they recurrently heard Madam Koi Koi however in all of those, nobody ever noticed her. So who was mendacity and who was telling the reality?

For those who swallow chewing-gum, your lungs will block

Truthfully, older people didn’t price us in any respect in any respect! Thank God for sense and schooling, we wouldn’t have recognized that meals passes by means of our gullet and never our lungs, so there’s completely no means chewing-gums would have blocked our lungs. However we believed anyway, sigh.

Don’t beat a boy with a brush

What’s going to occur in the event you beat a boy with a brush? His ehem ehem won’t work! Not less than, that was what we had been informed. Why didn’t we pause to ask what the correlation is between a brush and boys’ personal components? We simply digested the lie and couldn’t even correctly beat all these troublesome boys again then.

The best of all lies…

We’re certain you should have been informed the “read your book o, so that you that you will wear scos-scos shoe and you will have an easy life”. What they didn’t inform us is that we’ll be working after buses to get to work early and climbing okada to get house. They didn’t inform us concerning the lots payments ready for us or that earlier than we develop up, the folks on the rocks would have spoilt the economic system for us.

Shebi they mentioned maturity was all about residing the infant boy/woman life and having fun with cash, abi? Anyway, we forgive them for this – this one solely!

What different lie had been you informed as a child? We can’t wait to listen to the gist.

P-S: For these of you planning to inform these lies to your child(s), we see you o. Anyway, we might have informed you to not, however then, how would we preserve the ‘generational fun’ rolling? Allow them to really feel what we felt. Who agrees?

And ohh… earlier than we neglect. Ought to we forgive them for all these lies or not? Let’s vote.


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