6 Parenting Tips from 3 of Nature’s Greatest Dads

6 Parenting Tips From 3 of Nature’s Greatest Dads:


Emperor Penguins:


1) Learn to be patient with your little ones.

Did you know that males spend two months incubating their eggs and watching their offspring while the mothers are away feeding?

A male Emperor Penguin warms his offspring

2) Always be flexible.

Male Emperor Penguin’s bodies can adapt to feed their young if the mother doesn’t return right away, they can loose up to 20kg in weight from this!

Two males watch over their young

Thick-billed Murres:


3) Be supportive!

Thick-billed Murre males follow their young as they learn, and adjust their behavior as their offspring grows older.

Thick-Billed Murre in flight (Credit: Paul Marshman)

4) Remember, you are their role model.

These Murres don’t typically leave their young until they are certain that their offspring is self-sufficient, they stick around to teach them all of life’s important in’s and out’s.

Thick-Billed Murres (Credit: Richard Crossley)



5) Nurture childhood wonder.

Human dads often love to show their kids what they enjoyed doing as children. Let you child explore the world by taking them out in nature and showing them the way.


A Father laughs with his daughter


6) Teach important lessons early on.

Humans are creatures of habit, routine and tradition. Foster nature-loving values in your children by taking them into it by bird watching and visiting parks where wildlife tends to roam. Creating lasting memories will ensure that they never forget to take care of the outdoors that they love.


A father showing his child a forest path


Fathers set important examples for their little ones, it is important that we lead by taking care of nature so that future generations can do the same.


Interested in growing your child’s roots in nature with a fun activity? Check out our junior birder’s guide!

Looking to learn more about other great dads in nature? Read Bird Life International’s article here!

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