NBA All-Star voting 2022: Takeaways from first fan vote returns to decide captains, starting lineups

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Stephen Curry defends Kevin Durant (Getty Images)

The NBA revealed the archetypal instrumentality ballot returns for the 2022 NBA All-Star Game connected Thursday.

Just similar successful years past, fans volition relationship for 50% of the last ballot for this year's All-Star Game. The different 50% is made up of existent players and a media panel, with each broadside accounting for 25% of the vote.

Voting began connected Dec. 25 and volition reason astatine 11:59 p.m. ET connected Jan. 22.

The 71st NBA All-Star Game volition instrumentality spot connected Sunday, Feb. 20 astatine 8 p.m. ET.


Now, onto takeaways from the results…

The results

Golden State's Stephen Curry and Brooklyn's Kevin Durant pb the Western and Eastern Conferences, respectively, successful the archetypal instrumentality returns of NBA All-Star Voting presented by Tissot.

The adjacent NBA All-Star instrumentality voting update volition beryllium shared Thursday, Jan. 13.

— NBA Communications (@NBAPR) January 6, 2022

Top 10 vote-getters

  1. Stephen Curry – 2,584,623
  2. Kevin Durant – 2,360,435
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo – 2,145,835
  4. LeBron James – 2,018,725
  5. Nikola Jokic – 1,649,809
  6. DeMar DeRozan – 1,487,598
  7. Joel Embiid – 1,236,060
  8. Paul George – 1,072,591
  9. Andrew Wiggins – 933,335
  10. James Harden – 892,065

​If voting ended today, fan-voted starters would be…

Eastern Conference   Western Conference
DeMar DeRozan Guard Stephen Curry
James Harden Guard Luka Doncic
Kevin Durant Frontcourt LeBron James
Giannis Antetokounmpo Frontcourt Nikola Jokic
Joel Embiid Frontcourt Paul George

The tightest races for starting spots

The 2nd starting defender spot successful the Eastern Conference is the closest race, wherever James Harden (892,065 votes) conscionable edges retired Trae Young (862,878 votes). The 29,187-vote quality is the smallest borderline among starters.

The Western Conference has 2 adjacent votes – 1 for the last frontcourt spot and the different for the last backcourt spot.

The conflict for the backcourt spot is the second-closest race, with Luka Doncic (787,690 votes) beating retired Ja Morant (669,033 votes) by 118,657 votes. In the frontcourt, Paul George (1,072,591) edges retired Andrew Wiggins (933,355) for the 3rd starting spot by a 139,236-vote difference.

Also receiving votes

Every year, determination look to beryllium unexpected names that sneak onto the instrumentality ballot list. Derrick Rose is simply a mainstay successful this section, receiving 232,501 votes this season.

There were a few others that stuck out, like Lakers guardant Carmelo Anthony (319,128 votes) and Nets halfway LaMarcus Aldridge (111,318 votes).

It's besides worthy noting that imaginable first-time All-Stars similar Morant, Wiggins, Deandre Ayton and Anthony Edwards each cracked the apical 10 astatine their respective positions successful the West. The aforesaid goes for LaMelo Ball, Tyler Herro, Darius Garland, Fred VanVleet, Jarrett Allen and Miles Bridges successful the East.

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Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving each ace the apical 10

Two names that should person stuck retired to you connected the list of vote-getters are Thompson and Irving.

Irving conscionable made his debut connected Wednesday, yet helium has already amassed 267,929 votes, bully for sixth-most successful the East. That is much votes than players similar VanVleet and Garland, who person been fantastic for their respective teams each season.

Thompson has yet to adjacent instrumentality the level for the Warriors (although his debut is close astir the corner, expected to instrumentality connected Sunday) and helium tallied 367,743 votes, bully for fourth-most successful the West. He received much votes than superstars connected top-tier teams similar Devin Booker, Chris Paul and Donovan Mitchell.

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