A$AP Rocky Apologizes for Short Rolling Loud Set, Fans Upset Over Timing

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A$AP Rocky Apologizes for Short RL Set ... Fans Upset Over Timing

9/25/2022 12:28 PM PT

A$AP Rocky is apologizing for his truncated Rolling Loud set -- but the reasons for the short performance are getting under some people's skin ... particularly, clock management.

The rapper was on duty Saturday night in NYC, where he hit the Fashion Nova stage pretty late into the evening ... around 9:45 PM, we're told. He was able to do just two songs, this in between what people are saying was a lot of chatter about moshing with the crowd.

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In the end, his show came to an abrupt halt right around 10 PM ... something A$AP was visibly upset about in the moment, with his DJ issuing a mea culpa right on the spot.

Not only was Rocky mad, but some folks on the ground were pissed too ... saying he was quite late, and that he should've just stuck to pure performing instead of all the side speeches he was giving. A handful of people also feel like it wasn't Rocky's greatest outing.

Sources connected to the event tell TMZ ... yeah, AR was very tardy here. We're told he was supposed to be up there at 8:55 PM, but didn't go on until a good 45 minutes later. Our sources say the reason festival organizers hit the kill switch is because of a noise ordinance that was in place before things got underway ... and they were clearly aiming to respect it.

Rocky himself is owning up to it, taking to social media to say he's sorry for the way things unfolded ... and takes full responsibility. He didn't really acknowledge timing at all, but it seems he's absorbing most of the blame and promising to deliver next time.


BTW, his GF Rihanna was also in attendance ... and after some great news Sunday, we're sure this whole thing's gonna slide right off their shoulders. They got bigger fish to fry. 😎

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