Amy Schneider is 4th 'Jeopardy!' Contestant to Win More Than $1 Million

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'Jeopardy!' Amy Schneider 4th Contest to Win More than $1M ... Breaks All Sorts of Records!!!

1/8/2022 7:35 AM PT


Amy Schneider is connected a rotation ... she conscionable became the 4th subordinate successful "Jeopardy!" past to rake successful much than $1 mil successful non-tournament play, and she's inactive successful the game!!!

Amy, the archetypal transgender contestant to suffice for the show's Tournament of Champions, won her 28th crippled connected the amusement that aired Friday night, taking her winnings northbound of $1M ... to beryllium specific, $1,019,001.

She was stoked, saying, "It feels amazing, it feels strange. It's not a sum of wealth I ever anticipated would beryllium associated with my name."

Amy has present won much loot than immoderate different pistillate contender, and she's present the record-holder for astir consecutive wins by a pistillate contestant.

She joins 3 others who broke the million-dollar people -- Ken Jennings, who pocketed $2,520,700, James Holzhauer, who scored $2,462,216, and Matt Amodio, who won $1,518,601.

Amy's had a pugnacious clip recently, aft getting robbed a fewer days ago.  She said, "Hi all! So, archetypal off: I'm fine, But I got robbed yesterday, mislaid my ID, recognition cards, and phone. I past couldn't truly slumber past night, and person been dragging myself astir each time trying to regenerate everything."

It's unclear if the robber/robbers knew she was connected a "Jeopardy!" winning streak.

She besides fell sick aft the robbery. But, things are intelligibly looking up.

Amy's backmost connected the amusement Monday. Good luck!!!

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