Amy Schneider Makes History As Most Successful Woman on Jeopardy

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Amy Schneider Most Successful Woman On Jeopardy ... Loves Repping Trans Community

1/24/2022 7:50 AM PT


Amy Schneider is still making gameshow history on "Jeopardy!" ... and she says the best part of her historic run is having the platform to rep the transgender community.

Amy's 38 game winning streak has made her the most successful woman ever on the show ... and that means doing more interviews. Monday on 'GMA,' she opened up about being a "smart, confident woman doing something super normal." We'll take umbrage with her description of her "Jeopardy!" wins as "normal," but you get her point.

Amy said she always knew she could be on the gameshow, but says she wasn't fully prepared for what it meant to be "Jeopardy!" famous.

If Amy Schneider wins tomorrow's game, she'll break Matt Amodio's 38-games record!

See all the records Amy has broken as she faces her next challenge:

— Jeopardy! (@Jeopardy) January 23, 2022 @Jeopardy

Following her latest win, she is now neck and neck with Matt Amodio for the game’s second-longest win streak. If she wins on Monday night's episode, she'll be all alone in 2nd place behind only Ken Jennings ... who happens to be hosting during her run.

BTW, Ken has 74 straight wins, so Amy's got a ways to go for the overall crown.

Best of luck!



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