Anne Heche Almost Hit Pedestrian Before Crashing into House

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Anne Heche New Video Shows She Almost Hit Woman ... Before Crashing into House

8/8/2022 9:30 AM PT

Anne Heche clearly didn't care about the safety of others as she flew through neighborhood streets and alleyways -- at one point almost striking a woman -- before barreling through a home.

We've obtained new surveillance video showing Anne's blue Mini Cooper driving erratically in Mar Vista Friday. At one point, she almost hits a woman walking on the sidewalk, seemingly not even touching her brakes or swerving to avoid the possible collision.


We're told shortly after missing the woman, Anne struck another vehicle, a Jaguar, and then took off. Luckily, the driver of the Jaguar was not injured.


TMZ broke the story ... Anne drove through a home Friday, igniting a massive blaze. No one was killed in the crash, and Anne was hospitalized with severe burns. Prior to crashing into the house, we got footage of Anne after she'd crashed into a nearby garage -- she left that scene and then drove into the home.


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Cops have obtained a warrant for a sample of Anne's blood. Our law enforcement sources say investigators believe she was under the influence of drugs and/or booze at the time of the wreck.

What's more ... it appears Anne had a bottle of alcohol in her vehicle at the time of the accident.

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