Antonio Brown landing spots: Will Cowboys, other playoff teams claim disgruntled WR off waivers?

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Antonio Brown is officially nary longer a Buc.

Tampa Bay released Brown connected Thursday, yet putting an extremity to his clip with the Buccaneers. The reigning Super Bowl champions decided to chopped the wide receiver aft helium took disconnected his jersey, pads and garment during Sunday's triumph implicit the Jets and near the field.

The Brown play has lone gotten crazier since past arsenic helium has taken purpose astatine members of the team, including Tom Brady and caput manager Bruce Arians, and claimed the squad ignored his ankle wounded and asked him to play done it. Tampa Bay has rebutted Brown's assertion that the squad covered up his injury, saying that helium was cleared to play.

Now that Brown is nary longer a Buccaneer, helium hits the waiver wire, meaning immoderate squad successful the league tin spot a assertion and effort to motion him up of the postseason with the volition of playing him. Several playoff teams mightiness person involvement successful taking a hazard by adding him to the roster to help down the stretch.

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NFL Network's Ian Rapaport explained that nary squad volition leak involvement successful claiming Brown disconnected waivers because another squad could past swoop successful and drawback him earlier the playoffs, but helium did enactment that the timing of the merchandise gives teams the accidental to motion him and person him play successful the postseason.

"Like let's say, I'm not going to prime a team, but let's conscionable prime a squad successful the playoffs. One squad wants him, good past different squad would say, 'We don't privation this squad to get him. We're going to assertion him.' Everybody would enactment wholly soundless astir what they privation earlier the waiver ligament hits and past we'll find retired what's really retired there," Rapaport said. "... I'd beryllium amazed if anybody claims him due to the fact that one, there's a batch there, two, helium has said helium plans to person ankle surgery."

As Rapaport said, for a fig of reasons, it is improbable that Brown volition beryllium claimed. He has a litany of off-the-field issues, and mightiness not adjacent play if helium decides helium needs ankle surgery. But if helium was to beryllium claimed, which teams mightiness person involvement successful taking the hazard connected him? Sporting News takes a look.


Dallas looked to beryllium coming into the playoffs with a beardown radical of receivers, but Michael Gallup tore his ACL connected Sunday, ending his play and making a heavy chopped into the team's receiver depth. The squad is inactive led by CeeDee Lamb, Dalton Schultz, Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson, but Wilson is chiefly a slot receiver and Schultz is simply a choky end, leaving Lamb and Cooper arsenic the team's apical wide threats.

Signing Brown would of people beryllium a gamble, but the Cowboys haven't made it past the divisional circular of the playoffs since 1995 and are hopeless to marque a deeper tally successful the playoffs this time.

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Yes, the squad that conscionable bushed the Cowboys mightiness so look to support him retired of Dallas' hands and physique up its ain receiving depth. Arizona's apical receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, tore his MCL successful Week 14. And portion helium could instrumentality during the playoffs, the Cardinals aren't definite when, oregon adjacent whether, that volition happen.

Without Hopkins connected the field, the Cardinals truly deficiency a existent No. 1 enactment for backmost Kyler Murray. Christian Kirk leads the squad with 939 receiving yards, but he's chiefly been a slot receiver, and A.J. Green isn't the aforesaid explosive subordinate helium utilized to beryllium with the Bengals. Brown would astir instantly go Murray's astir reliable people should Arizona bring him in.


Kansas City feels similar a squad that is perennially loaded connected offense, but if there's 1 country it could usage the further assistance in, it mightiness beryllium wide receiver. Tyreek Hill continues to stay 1 of the league's champion weapons, but Bryon Pringle, Demarcus Robinson, Josh Gordon and Mecole Hardman haven't stepped up to springiness Patrick Mahomes different menace retired wide that helium tin number on.

Given the fig of options Kansas City has, Brown wouldn't beryllium arsenic pressured to instantly measurement up the mode helium mightiness astatine different destinations, but he'd inactive beryllium definite to go a fashionable people successful the high-powered offense.

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Antonio Brown and Aaron Rodgers playing together? That would beryllium an absorbing operation to accidental the least. The Packers haven't had the aforesaid wounded problems astatine receiver that the Cowboys oregon Cardinals person had, but they person been trying to spell each successful this year, and the extent aft Davante Adams astatine wide receiver isn't arsenic beardown arsenic different teams.

They were rumored arsenic a squad for Odell Beckham Jr. earlier successful the season but missed retired with Beckham landing successful Los Angeles. Brown would person to autumn past respective teams to scope Green Bay connected the waiver wire, but if he's available, wherefore not marque a determination for Brown now?

NFL waiver order

The waiver bid successful the NFL is acceptable by the reverse bid of the existent league standings.

So for immoderate of the playoff teams hoping to motion him, they volition request to anticipation helium passes done each the non-playoff teams first.

Here is the reverse bid of the standings:

  1. Jaguars
  2. Lions
  3. Texans
  4. Giants
  5. Jets
  6. Panthers
  7. Bears
  8. Seahawks
  9. Washington
  10. Falcons
  11. Browns
  12. Broncos
  13. Vikings
  14. Ravens
  15. Dolphins
  16. Saints
  17. Steelers
  18. Colts
  19. Raiders
  20. Chargers
  21. Eagles
  22. 49ers
  23. Bills
  24. Bengals
  25. Patriots
  26. Cardinals
  27. Cowboys
  28. Chiefs
  29. Titans
  30. Rams
  31. Buccaneers
  32. Packers
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