Antonio Brown sounds off on Tom Brady, Bruce Arians and CTE in off-the-rails interview

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As the warfare of words betwixt Antonio Brown and the Buccanneers lives on, the erstwhile Tampa Bay wide receiver is looking to person the past word. 

In a tumultuous week that began with Brown moving disconnected the tract shirtless astatine MetLife Stadium, which led to a nationalist spat filled with text message leaks, accidental slope relationship revelations, and lawyer and squad statements, Brown appeared connected the "Full Send" podcast connected Friday successful his archetypal interrogation since his infamous exit. 

What turned into an hour-long, off-the-rails, profanity-laced conversation that Brown referred to arsenic a "Kumbaya", the escaped agent discussed everything from the incidental itself to CTE to where helium thought helium should autumn successful Tampa's receiver extent illustration to Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, Rob Gronkowski, and more.

Sporting News breaks down the wildest moments from interview.

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Antonio Brown shares his broadside of the story 

Brown opened up astir the disapproval he's faced implicit the past fewer days, acknowledging, "I’ve acted irrational and did immoderate things radical don’t understand, but that’s portion of life. I get a atrocious tag, I get a atrocious name. We arsenic humans privation to beryllium treated civilized-- it’s astir integrity and handling radical the close way."

Regarding his departure from the tract past Sunday, Brown said helium was simply lasting up for himself portion dealing with an ankle injury.

Antonio Brown connected his sideline enactment Sunday with Bruce Arians, connected @fullsendpodcast: "You've got a close to archer Coach, 'Yo, Coach, I can't spell into the game.' If it makes the manager irrational, affectional that I can't bash my job, that's not humane."

— Greg Auman (@gregauman) January 7, 2022

Brown repeated again that it was each astir his ankle and that’s wherefore helium couldn’t go, that Arians told him to “GTFO” erstwhile helium said helium couldn’t play, and that’s what lit the situation.

— Charles Robinson (@CharlesRobinson) January 7, 2022

“I got excessively sexy for the stadium," Brown added. "My adrenaline got truthful high. I got excessively sexy for my clothes. I gave the fans what they wanted.”

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Brown believes helium belongs astatine the apical of the extent chart

With Mike Evans and Chris Godwin starring the complaint this play for the Bucs, Brown questioned his "prove it" level salary and questioned whether helium was one of Brady's "boys."

"If Tom Brady's my boy, past wherefore americium I playing for an earnest salary? Gronk's his boy, what is Gronk making? So wherefore is AB connected a beryllium it deal," Brown asked.

For context, Gronkowski signed a 1 twelvemonth woody with the Bucs past offseason with a basal wage of $1.75M and a signing bonus of $6.25M. Brown signed a one-year declaration worthy up to $6.25M, with $3.1M guaranteed.

Brown then posed the question of who connected the Buccaneers was amended than him.

Brown played successful 7 games this play and was targeted 62 times, which is 5th astir connected the team, though helium felt helium should've taken halfway signifier up of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

Antonio Brown connected @fullsendpodcast connected his usage with Bucs: "I'm inactive the champion though. You're looking astatine the portion close here. So I'm asking you guys: Why americium I not getting the shot targeted similar a No. 1 receiver?"

— Greg Auman (@gregauman) January 7, 2022

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Antonio Brown's "friendship" with Tom Brady

Brown besides took contented with people's cognition of Brady and his talent, saying that Brady is deified and enactment connected a higher pedestal, portion the supporting formed gets near behind.

Warning: Tweet contains NSFW language

Antonio Brown, connected @fullsendpodcast making his lawsuit he's best: "Brady can't bash crap by himself. But you guys are going to marque it look similar he's conscionable this heroic guy. We're each humans, bro. We're each babelike connected idiosyncratic other to bash the job."

— Greg Auman (@gregauman) January 7, 2022

Brown added that Brady is "not a god" and said Brady and the Bucs called him to assistance them triumph a Super Bowl, not the toilet bowl.

It's important to enactment that Brady often credits his teammates for his success, arsenic Yahoo! Sports columnist Shalise Manza Young pointed out.

this is (expectedly) ridiculous connected a batch of levels, not slightest of which is that brady himself credits his teammates for his occurrence each clip he's asked

— shalise manza young (@shalisemyoung) January 7, 2022

When the "Full Send" podcast hosts attempted to overgarment Brady arsenic a bully feline for allowing Brown to enactment astatine his home, Brown changeable them down. 

"I got my ain money, bash you cognize who I am? I don’t request to enactment astatine nary one’s house, I’ve got my ain house— I don’t request a pitty enactment from nary of you guys."

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Brown takes purpose astatine CTE

Amid the concerns that Brown whitethorn person CTE oregon beryllium suffering from repeated blows to the head, helium brushed that speech arsenic good and said immoderate tears connected behalf of Tampa with regards to CTE oregon his intelligence wellness are of the crocodile assortment pursuing the decease of erstwhile longtime Buccaneer Vincent Jackson.

Antonio Brown tells @fullsendpodcast helium doesn’t privation radical questioning his intelligence wellness and has “mental wealth”. This aft a wandering speech astir CTE wherever Brown talked a spot astir Vincent Jackson and Junior Seau and suggested the Bucs we’re not acrophobic astir him mentally.

— Charles Robinson (@CharlesRobinson) January 7, 2022

The afloat interrogation tin beryllium seen here

Finally, Brown indicated helium wants to instrumentality to football. "It’s just getting started," helium said.

With his ankle injury, he is each but efficaciously ruled retired this year, indicating helium can't play astatine 100 percent and would beryllium doing a disservice to the squad that signed him. 

Will helium get a accidental adjacent season? Time volition tell. 

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