Bari Weiss Sparks Controversy on Bill Maher Saying She's Over COVID

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Bill Maher Author Bari Weiss Rails on COVID Restrictions .... I'm So Over It!!!

1/24/2022 7:45 AM PT


Bill Maher's show Friday night has stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy, after journalist and author Bari Weiss explained why she's "over COVID," and how current restrictions represent a "moral crime."

Weiss and Maher railed on COVID restrictions ... talking about the nonsensical restrictions in restaurants ... you can eat and talk and laugh with others maskless, but when you walk to the bathroom you have to wear a mask.

She also maintained liberals are with her, but are afraid to speak out for fear their critics will label them anti-vaxers and Trumpers.

I'm Over Covid Restrictions ...

Some doctors have lashed out at Weiss, calling her irresponsible and uninformed, noting thousands of people are still dying from COVID.

There are some doctors who have been more sympathetic to Weiss's argument, saying you can follow the science and at the same time weigh the science against the risks of isolation and other restrictions ... especially when it comes to in-class learning.

Check out the clip ... it's super interesting.

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