Bill Maher Adds 10 Hilarious Grammy Award Categories

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Bill Maher I Got 10 New Categories for the Grammys ... And They're F'ing Hysterical!!!

2/4/2023 6:25 AM PT

Real Time with Bill Maher/HBO

The Grammys show promises to be endless, what with 91 categories, and now Bill Maher has exacerbated the problem by adding 10 categories to the list, and they're f***ing hysterical.

The 'Real Time' host mused about some of the actual categories, like Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games, and Best Spoken Work Poetry Album.

So, to cross the 100-category line, Bill has offered up a few more ...

Best Album that Pretentious Assholes Say Sounds Better on Vinyl.

Best 90's Love Song That Reminds Your Parents When They Used to F***.

Award for The Most Times A Rapper Asks If You Know What He's Saying.

Bill got into more serious territory at the end of the show, talking about the dangerous similarities between extremes on the political spectrum. It's as troubling as it is interesting. Have a listen.

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