Buhari’s Government Has Destroyed Obasanjo’s Achievements – Iyorchia Ayu

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President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has been described by the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Iyorchia Ayu as clueless.

Ayu further stated that Buhari’s government has destroyed what his predecessor achieved between 1999 and 2003.

He condemned the current administration of piling debts for the present and future generations.

The PDP blamed Buhari for the country being seen as the poverty capital of the world, the direct opposite of the achievements of former President Olusegun Obasanjo of the PDP.

Ayu while speaking with newsmen at a meeting with Obasanjo, alongside some former governors on Saturday, said the good works of former President Obasanjo had been undone by Buhari.

He added, “Sir, we thank you for the service you rendered and the great work you have done in the PDP.

“As the first president in this Republic, your period as president on the platform of PDP is seen as the golden era of the PDP and Nigeria, because not only did you lay the foundation to grow the economy to become the biggest economy in Africa, you were able to remove Nigeria from slavery by negotiating and cancelling so much of our foreign debts that would have made it very difficult to run the country. By the time you left office, Nigeria was set free, direct foreign investment was on the increase daily and we were respected in the international community and everywhere we went.

“Today, this clueless APC and President Muhammadu Buhari undone that and has plunged Nigeria into eternal debt. The new debt overhang created by this wicked government is going to create massive problems for the coming generations.

“I remember when I accompanied you as your Minister to several countries – Germany and India – I saw the respect they accorded you and I was very proud to be a Nigerian.

“Today, unfortunately, we don’t have the same recognition because what we have become has fallen short of good leadership that Nigeria deserves.

“This is on account of worsening insecurity and Buhari’s creation of a Nigeria regarded as the poverty capital of the world.

“Apart from the Infrastructural intervention which you did, most of the very useful institutions like EFCC, the ICPC and so on are now being used to hound people.

“Over these years that you are in power, you saw every Nigerian as one family, you didn’t discriminate against the south, the east, the west or the north. Even though, in your first tenure, the South West didn’t support you, but, you brought them back on board and they supported you in your second tenure and that was an achievement.

“Today, Buhari’s nepotism has divided Nigerians just as his other actions have further created wedges between fellow countrymen and women.”

Meanwhile, Obasanjo has noted that he would not return to the PDP and partisan politics.

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