Cardi B Thanks Jury, Media, Lawyers as Libel Case Ends

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Cardi B Thank You to the Jurors for Big Win!!! Awarded Another $1.5 Mil

1/25/2022 10:49 AM PT

Cardi B is feeling super grateful to a lot of people now that her libel trial is wrapped up ... and she's also walking away with a lot of money, thanks to the jury.

Cardi spoke out as she was leaving federal court in Atlanta Tuesday ... after a hearing to determine punitive damages in her case against YouTuber Tasha K. As we reported, Cardi won big in the case yesterday -- the jury found Tasha liable for all 3 claims against her for telling several damaging lies about Cardi.

The rapper was flanked by her attorneys as she thanked the jurors for reaching a "fair" decision, and she even thanked the media for encouraging her through the trial. She said reporters helped keep her strong while dealing with the "emotional distress."

She also shouted out her attorneys for nearly 3 years of work on the case.

As we told you ... Cardi was awarded $1.5 mil yesterday, and today she got another $1.5 million in punitive damages, plus $1.3 million for her attorney's fees.

Now, whether or not Tasha K has that $4 mil to pay Cardi ... well, that's a whole other Oprah.

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