Coates' new asset management system boosts work site efficiency

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Effective asset management systems are essential to running successful plant maintenance or construction projects. As innovations in technology continue, the realm of possibilities in the field is expanding, resulting in an upsurge in efficiency.

Australia's leading equipment hire and solutions provider, Coates, has launched SiteIQ. The next-gen proprietary asset management system helps customers manage and extract maximum value from tools and equipment on hire from Coates, as well as customer-owned assets and those supplied by other contractors if required.

Used in conjunction with an at-site tool store, typically during planned shutdowns or maintenance projects but also on large construction sites, SiteIQ builds upon the best features and capabilities of the company's legacy system, CHASE. New functions and smart technologies result in a superior, highly customer-focused solution available exclusively through Coates.

Rob Smith, Coates Shutdown and Project Manager, explains, "SiteIQ allows customers to hire tools and equipment, to understand how they are being utilised, and manage changes to hire and pricing arrangements as projects progress. SiteIQ is also much smarter and has far more intuitive reporting, allowing us to provide even greater support to our customers."

New and Improved Functionality

Connectivity is critical in many of today's industries, and Coates strives to assist customers in sectors such as oil and gas, mining, power, manufacturing, construction and infrastructure to seize the opportunities on offer.

SiteIQ’s evolution from a server-based solution to a cloud-based one enables real-time management of all tools, equipment, consumables and services. This offers customers and stakeholders access to equipment data and analytics from anywhere at anytime.

Access to such data leads to reductions in the cost and inconvenience of lost, damaged and stolen tools; increases the accountability and traceability around tools and equipment; and ultimately increases tool time – the amount of time a workforce spends on the tools – which has a direct impact on productivity.

The new custom-designed asset scanning application makes it much quicker and easier for workers on job sites to checkout and return tools and equipment, anywhere on site, with or without a WI-FI connection.

Meanwhile, complying with site WHS requirements is also more straightforward with SiteIQ. Users can access equipment certifications, load documentation and Verification of Competency (VOC) to help improve site safety.

Other key benefits that SiteIQ delivers include:

  • Implement rules to control who has access to different categories of equipment
  • Create customisable reports to identify operational efficiencies by tooling category and spend down to individual hirers, dates and times
  • Access real-time equipment hire spend for more accurate budget forecasting
  • Manage multiple contractors and purchase orders at once and streamline project invoicing and administration

Improving Future Outcomes

Coates’ new proprietary system is an important development for a business hoping to help industrial customers plan and deliver future events more efficiently through improved access to project data and intelligence.

"Knowledge transfer can be challenging between major shutdowns or maintenance events, particularly when they are delivered years apart," Rob explains. "SiteIQ allows Coates to use data from previous events to help customers plan future events from a far more informed position the next time around."

Having managed shutdowns at Coates for over twenty years, Rob understands the importance of meeting customers’ changing needs. "A good outcome for our customer is a great result for Coates," says Rob. "We are committed to providing the best support that we can, and SiteIQ is an important tool for allowing us to do this."

SiteIQ is an exciting development for Coates and its customers. It illustrates that smart technologies can deliver tangible results. "I'm excited to see how it will shape our relationships and improve the project outcomes our customers can achieve," Rod says.

To learn more about Coates' SiteIQ, please click here.

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