College Football Playoff championship picks: SN experts favor Alabama over Georgia

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Who wins the rematch? 

The College Football Playoff title crippled is acceptable for 8 p.m. ET Monday astatine Lucas Oil Stadium successful Indianapolis. No. 1 Alabama meets No. 3 Georgia successful a rematch of the SEC title game, which the Crimson Tide won 41-24. 

The Bulldogs are 2.5-points favorites, however, and it's a accidental for Kirby Smart to pb Georgia to its archetypal nationalist title since 1980. Alabama is looking for its seventh nationalist title nether Nick Saban. The stakes are precocious successful this all-SEC showdown. 

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Sporting News' unit gives their picks for the College Football Playoff title game: 

CFP title picks 

Bill Bender: Alabama 27, Georgia 24 

Remember, Georgia was up 10-0 successful the archetypal gathering earlier Bryce Young deed Jameson Williams for a 67-yard TD. That reversed the people of the game. The Bulldogs' defence looked aggravated against Michigan, and Alabama volition person to tally the shot amended with John Metchie III retired and a beat-up secondary. Stetson Bennett volition instrumentality to that publication early, and Georgia could pb into the 3rd quarter. It's going to beryllium tight, but Young remains the X-factor. A fourth-quarter TD to Williams gives Alabama the lead, and they clasp on. A tract extremity either mode could determine this one, and possibly Will Reichard plays the relation of hero. Alabama, overmuch to Georgia's chagrin, wins it each again.

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Bill Trocchi: Georgia 27, Alabama 20 

You enactment yourself successful presumption capable times, you are yet going to interruption through. The evident storyline is however Georgia is going to enactment unit on Young, thing it failed to bash successful the archetypal matchup. Alabama showed disconnected a potent moving crippled against Cincinnati, but that is not going to enactment against the Bulldogs. The Tide volition person to propulsion the ball, and Georgia is going to person to unit Young and person less breakdowns successful the secondary. If that happens, Alabama is going to person occupation scoring much than 20 points similar the remainder of Georgia’s opponents. Can Georgia people capable against the Tide? It had 24 points successful the archetypal matchup, and has scored an mean of 24.8 points successful the 4 Smart-Saban matchups. That should beryllium capable to win. Georgia has blown double-digit leads successful 3 of those games, and Smart inactive scares maine with his in-game management, but the clip is present for Georgia to instrumentality the crown.

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Zac Al-Khateeb: Alabama 30, Georgia 20

It's existent Georgia enjoyed a instrumentality to dominance successful its 34-11 Orange Bowl demolition of Michigan. Also true: Alabama wasn't astir arsenic awesome successful its 27-6 triumph implicit Cincinnati, considered the weakest of the 4 playoff teams. But Alabama's defence lone gave up 2 scores — some tract goals — connected pre-scripted drives. The discourtesy didn't request to unfastened up its playbook against the Bearcats, opting to enforce an old-school rushing onslaught alternatively of investigating All-American corners Coby Bryant and Ahmad Gardner. It was a wholly antithetic strategy than the 1 the Crimson Tide utilized against the Bulldogs, 1 that shows nary 1 is amended than Saban astatine game-planning astir opponents' exploitable weaknesses connected a week-to-week basis. Expect him to find them again against Georgia successful a narrower victory.

Mike DeCourcy: Alabama 28, Georiga 21

I'm inactive not wholly definite whether Georgia presented its champion look against Alabama — not due to the fact that of immoderate rope-a-dope strategy to wage disconnected successful this title game, but much truthful due to the fact that determination was nary mode the Bulldogs ever could beryllium arsenic motivated arsenic the Tide were erstwhile they met the archetypal time. Alabama was playing for its life; UGa was playing for a trophy. Now, the question of beingness is adjacent for some teams. If the 2 astir important positions connected immoderate team, though, are caput manager and quarterback, Alabama has an tremendous vantage with both. That makes it terribly hard to prime against the Tide. The closest Georgia's magnificent defence came to stopping a "great" onslaught was successful the semifinals against Michigan, and this is however "great" the Wolverines were connected the year: 26th among Division I teams. Alabama is fifth, and features Heisman Trophy victor Bryce Young. It's adjacent capable that a interruption oregon fumble could plaything this, but it conscionable feels ridiculous to prime against Saban. 

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Vinnie Iyer: Alabama 34, Georgia 27 

Kirby Smart mightiness person the intelligent-sounding past name, but Nick Savant ...  er Saban .. won't beryllium losing to 1 of his erstwhile antiaircraft assistants successful a crippled similar this with a superior young Heisman winning QB outdueling different QB whose archetypal sanction is simply a chapeau and afloat sanction sounds similar a quality connected "Yellowstone." Offense wins championships successful the 21st century, not immoderate archaic conflict of attrition. Georgia got distant with that vs. pedestrian Michigan and that won't enactment again against Alabama. Saban knows this and that makes him "Smart-er" past his acold situational inferior counterpart. Saban besides knows this would beryllium title No. 7 and volition troll the SEC also-rans by his squad winning precisely by that galore points. "Underdogs" win, Dawgs suffer and elephants are awesome.

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Matt Lutovsky: Georgia 27, Alabama 24

It mightiness look brainsick picking Georgia conscionable a period aft the Tide bushed down the Bulldogs, but Georgia didn't amusement immoderate sick effects from that nonaccomplishment during its dismantling of Michigan. If anything, UGA looked much determined than ever to bounce backmost and gain its archetypal nationalist rubric since 1980. Standing successful the mode is an aged foe, and portion it's casual to claim  Alabama "owns" Georgia, eventually, breakthroughs happen. This is the twelvemonth for Georgia, which sports a amended defense, a amended rushing attack, and a stellar ball-control passing crippled with choky end Brock Bowers. The nonaccomplishment of Metchie, who had 97 yards and a TD successful their archetypal gathering earlier injuring his knee, volition wounded the Tide, and portion they inactive person several offensive playmakers, Georgia volition larn from its erstwhile mistakes and bash conscionable capable to squeak this 1 retired and yet get implicit the hump.

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