COVID-19: U.K. death toll tops 150,000 after Omicron spike

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The United Kingdom’s authoritative decease toll from the COVID-19 pandemic roseate supra 150,000 connected Saturday, authorities figures showed, pursuing a grounds question of cases caused by the Omicron variant.

Some 313 deaths wrong 28 days of a affirmative COVID-19 trial were reported connected Saturday, taking the full fig of fatalities connected this measurement to 150,057.

A broader but little timely measurement of deaths with COVID-19 connected the decease certificate – which includes deaths aboriginal successful the pandemic erstwhile investigating was constricted – stood astatine 173,248 arsenic of the past information connected Dec. 24.

“Coronavirus has taken a unspeakable toll connected our state and contiguous the fig of deaths recorded has reached 150,000,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said successful a statement. “Our mode retired of this pandemic is for everyone to get their booster oregon their archetypal oregon 2nd dose if they haven’t yet.”

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Britain has seen a surge of cases linked to the Omicron coronavirus variant successful caller weeks, though decease rates person been little than during erstwhile corruption waves.

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The authorities has focused connected rolling retired booster vaccinations – which person reached much than 60% of the colonisation – alternatively than requiring a instrumentality to the lockdown measures seen earlier successful the pandemic.

Some 1.227 cardinal radical tested affirmative for COVID-19 during the past 7 days, 11% much than the week before, portion the play fig of deaths was up 38% connected the week earlier astatine 1,271.

There are tentative signs the fig of caller cases whitethorn person peaked, with 146,390 caller cases reported connected Saturday, down from the grounds 218,724 recorded connected Jan. 4.

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Britain’s cumulative decease toll is the second-highest successful implicit presumption successful Europe, down lone Russia’s.

But connected a per-head basis, the United States, Italy, Belgium and respective countries successful eastbound Europe person higher cumulative decease rates. Britain’s decease complaint is 7% higher than the European Union average, according to figures collated by Our World successful Data.

— Reporting by David Milliken

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