Did Dan Orlovsky fart during 'Monday Night Football'? ESPN broadcaster makes unflattering sound during Titans-Bills pregame

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Before Josh Allen and Ryan Tannehill let it rip on "Monday Night Football," Dan Orlovsky seemingly offered something of a preview.

Orlovsky is known for being a beloved gasbag for ESPN; the former NFL passer has emerged as one of the network's more appreciated and reasonable football analysts, leading to more opportunities in the booth for ESPN and its sister networks.

But on Monday night, he may have taken the "gasbag" term a bit too literally.

During the Titans-Bills pregame show, viewers pointed out that Orlovsky seemingly passed gas — that's right, breaking wind, bottom burping — while delivering a preview. Take a listen for yourself:

Dan Orlovsky just farted mid-sentence 😂pic.twitter.com/CFC8aGUGUO

— Action Network (@ActionNetworkHQ) September 19, 2022

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Orlovsky very clearly is having a difficult time getting words out, leading to an apparent flatulence-sounding sound coming off-camera and across the airwaves. It's fair to believe that Orlovsky made the sound with his mouth, because, well, who hasn't been there before? Brain farts can lead to mouth ones, after all, especially in bouts of frustration like Orlovsky had here.

Not to be lost in the above clip at the tail end is Louis Riddick seemingly trying to hold in a laugh like he would a… well, you get the idea.

So The Sporting News will close this very important investigation at: No, Dan Orlovsky did not fart during "Monday Night Football."

After all, it would be a slight surprise if the ESPN mics are that sensitive to pick up the motor revving.

As for Jimmy Johnson on Fox's NFL pregame show on Sunday? 

fart pic.twitter.com/4hf7LG8LWp

— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) September 18, 2022

That one was a lot more obvious.

Hopefully the Titans and Bills don't put on a stinker of a game.

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