Elon Musk Ramping Up for Human Clinical Trials Over Brain Chip Tech

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Elon Musk Ramping Up Human Clinical Trials ... Over Brain Chip Tech!!!

1/22/2022 3:55 PM PT

Elon Musk seems ready to start putting microchips in people's brains, 'cause his company aiming to do just that is hiring ... wanting someone who can head up clinical trials. 👀

The richest man on earth has a company called Neuralink, which aims to treat people with neurological diseases and afflictions -- like paralysis -- and get them moving again ... or more specifically, help them move things with nothing but the power of their minds.

It's a fascinating field, and Neuralink is trying to break through here with tech that'll go right into folks' craniums ... which they seem to be getting closer to now, as the company is currently hiring for a Clinical Trial Director ... one who'll presumably be working on humans.

Up until now, Neuralink's brain chip studies have been limited to monkeys and pigs -- and based on results they've shown off, it seems to be as magical as it is hyped.

Take this macaque, for example, which Neuralink says got one of their chips implanted. In the video, it looks like the primate is using a joystick to play a video game that tests hand-eye coordination -- but soon you realize, it's doing it all with its mind ... 'cause the control stick isn't connected to anything. It's simply there to act as fake-out for the animal.

That's what Elon and co. wanna do for humans who've lost function in their hands or legs -- based on their vision, those people will be able to control electronics (like phones and such) with nothing but a thought, and at lightning quick speed too. They've even talked about being able to download memories ... not just in your noggin, but like ... into robots and stuff.

The possibilities, they say, are endless.

Now, this was all teased a couple years back, but now that Neuralink is actively hiring for a Clinical Trial Director and Coordinator -- it appears they're on track for Elon's timeline ... the guy said he wanted to get chips into real-life noodles by sometime this year.

The job description for the position, based in Fremont, California, promises that the applicant will “work closely with some of the most innovative doctors and top engineers” as well as with “Neuralink’s first Clinical Trial participants” https://t.co/AHKOQgnHCE pic.twitter.com/jRInDsvfbB

— Bloomberg (@business) January 20, 2022 @business

You can read the listings for yourself to see who exactly they're looking for -- but it's obvious they're taking this mission seriously ... and want the best and the brightest working on it.

There's a lot of regulatory hurdles they have to clear before this gets rolled out -- even on a trial level -- but if they do -- ya gotta wonder ... who's signing up to be the guinea pigs?!?

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